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Welcome, Kenai!

Wolfdog rescue, Kenai welcome home

Article by Kendra Kain-Woods

Kendra is our Grant Coordinator and Copy Editor, as well as an Animal Care Specialist. She is an animal behavior enthusiast, greatly enjoying the impactful relationships possible through training as a means of communication and building trust. Through her love of writing, Kendra hopes to further support the wild rescues of Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary.

July 10, 2020

The Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Team is exceedingly excited to officially introduce our second-to-arrive newest rescue, Kenai! Won’t you please join the team in celebrating our newest member of the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Family?

Our happy Kenai!

Traveling from Ohio state, Kenai arrived to the sanctuary in the morning on Saturday, June 27th, whereupon we leashed him for the short walk from the transport van to his new habitat. Immediately, Kenai ventured off to investigate his new home, sniffing curiously around the perimeter, and stopping to lap up the freshly poured water from his bucket. At the same time, several habitats away, miss Savannah, our single high-content wolf-dog senior, observed closely. Prior to Kenai’s arrival, we had been talking all about Kenai to Savannah in hopes she would fancy him enough as a new companion. After losing Sioux earlier this year, Savannah has been more than ready to gain a new friend.

Mr. Kenai is a two-year-old low-content wolf-dog whose previous owner had to find a new home for him due to her own unexpected and financially-straining illness. Luckily for Kenai, the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Team had been on the search for a compatible companion for older lady Savannah.

It has taken the last two weeks for Kenai to settle into the daily routines of the sanctuary, and he was especially delighted to finally meet Savannah nose-to-nose early last week. As the primary caregiver to both Savannah and Kenai, I assisted with their introduction. To begin, on two separate days, I walked Savannah down the little hill from her habitat to see Kenai through the fence. Their interactions included tail wags and licks from Kenai to the tip of Savannah’s nose. By the third walk, Crystal Castellanos, Director of Operations, and I escorted Savannah into Kenai’s habitat. They have been together ever since.

Savannah with Kenai

Over the past several months as a single gal, Savannah has been especially needy, requesting a lot of love, pets, and belly rubs from caregivers. However, the morning after moving in with Kenai, Savannah was relaxed. While she came over to receive her well-deserved love, it was not accompanied with intense need. Instead, she was calm, eyes soft, and once she rolled over for her belly to be rubbed, Kenai ventured over to interact for the first time upon arriving to Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. Cautiously, we both engaged, Kenai sniffing my hand and I daring to pet beneath his chin—he was so brave!

Undoubtedly, Kenai’s confidence has grown tremendously thanks to Savannah’s presence. Some might say he is even showing off how strong and bold he is for his new lady companion, especially whenever someone visits the One Acre habitat bordering their own. Savannah certainly does not mind; she is very tolerant and patient.

Prior to coming to Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, Kenai lived with a husky girl named Luna. It is evident Kenai has always kept husky company, as he will habitually try to curl his tail when posturing to other animals—unbeknownst to him, it looks more like a droopy question mark than a strong curl iconic of malamutes and huskies.

Affectionately called, “Stinky,” per his previous owner, Kenai is a delightful addition to the sanctuary. I am genuinely excited to see how he continues to blossom, and on behalf of the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Team, I know we are all incredibly happy to see Savannah with a new friend.

To all of our Howling Supporters who helped bring Kenai home: Thank you, thank you, thank you! We could not and cannot pursue our mission of Rescue, Sanctuary, and Education without the kindness and support from all of you. Many howls from the animal and human pack alike!

If you would like to sponsor sweet Kenai, please visit our online gift shop.

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