Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary hosts several events throughout each calendar year geared to educate and familiarize the public with our mission and vision.
Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Enrichment Events collage

Quarterly Enrichment

Large enrichment events occur 4 times per year and are an important part of our rescues’ well-being. While the animals are given enrichment on a regular basis, these events are more extravagant and allow for public involvement.

Riot - High-Content Wolf-Dog


Howl-O-Ween is traditionally an open house event where we celebrate with our guests on-site through free Standard Tours and activities as well as off-site via live streams.

Due to COVID-19, Howl-O-Ween 2020 was reserved virtually.

2020 Howling Poetry Logo

Howling Poetry Contest

Hosted throughout November

Write and submit your own poems for this fun annual event! A unique prompt is provided each year. No restrictions on age or location.

Summer Cooler Enrichment Event

Art Pack April

Hosted throughout April

Get inspired and have fun creating unique artwork for the prompt provided each week of April! No restrictions on age or location.


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