The Howling Reporter Magazine

Now publishing quarterly!

The Howling Reporter is our news magazine published quarterly. This 16-page, full-color publication is mailed to all sponsors, members, and donors who gift $50 or more.

Four times a year, you’ll receive updates on rescues, stories, and features full of facts and information about life at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary!

Here are some of the features and articles found in the Spring 2021 Howling Reporter, which will arrive in mailboxes early mid-May, 2021:

  • Not Just Wolves, written by our newest staff member, Victoria Uliano, introduces you to the other canids we are responsible for, including foxes, coyotes, dingoes, domestic dogs, and New Guinea singing dogs.
  • Our “Big Pack in the Sky” tribute to two of our most prominent and photogenic rescues that recently passed away.
  • Making New Friends is an update on several new pairings that have taken place in the last few months. Written by Shaina Miller, recent graduate of the new Internship Program, this article features some popular new couples, Like Kenai and Stigma.
  • Meet the Ohio Pack introduces you to a family of three recently rescued from Ohio.

If you become eligible to receive The Howling Reporter, you will get the next issue in your US Postal Service mailbox provided you gave us your mailing address!

IMPORTANT: We are only able to mail physical copies to US addresses, due to postage fees which can be quite expensive. We will post the most current Howling Reporter to this page a few weeks after physical copies are mailed, so that you don’t miss out if you live outside the US!

May 2021 Howling Reporter Cover
May, 2021 Cover featuring wolfdog companions, Chiracowa and Arya.

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You can read past issues in PDF format by clicking the cover images below! Please be aware that offers and discounts in these archived issues may have expired, and are no longer valid.

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