Howling Reporter Magazine

The Howling Reporter is our news magazine published in the spring and fall each year. This 16-page, full-color publication is mailed to all sponsors, members, and donors who gift $50 or more.

Twice a year you’ll receive updates on rescues, stories, and features full of facts and information about life at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary!

Here are some of the features and articles found in the Spring/Summer 2020 Howling Reporter:

  • Interview with Crystal Castellanos concerning animal caretaking
  • Update on our Howling Poetry Contest
  • Our featured rescue, wolf-dog Kaya
  • An article abut why we no longer take rescues off-site
  • Our “Big Pack in the Sky” tribute to rescues that have recently passed
  • Much more!

If you become eligible to receive the Howling Reporter, you will receive the next issue in your mailbox, provided you gave us your mailing address!

If you missed being eligible for this issue, you can view it here!

2020 Spring/Fall Howling Reporter Thumbnail