Are you wondering if there’s an easy way that you can help Wild Spirit’s rescues? Do you have an old can of cat food that is a flavor your cat didn’t like, or some cardboard you were planning on recycling? If so, we have good news for you! We want your otherwise unwanted items* to help our rescues have fun! 

Here at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, we have an enrichment program that provides our animals with unique experiences each and every day. 

What is enrichment?

Enrichment is the introduction of novel stimuli to an animal in order to excite their senses. Enrichment helps prevent animals from getting bored by providing physical, olfactory, tactile, oral, social, and/or mental stimulation. Done properly, enrichment allows animals to participate in natural behaviors such as foraging, scent-rolling, problem solving, hunting, caching, and more!

How can you help enrich our animals? 

When you visit the sanctuary, consider bringing any old, unused, or “trash/recycling” items you have from the list below; we’ll take it all!

This is something anyone can do to help. If there’s something you’re not sure can be used for enrichment feel free to call or email us, or even bring it with you so we can assess the item. There are so many different ways that we can enrich and stimulate our animals and you may have something fun we haven’t thought of! 

Drop these items off at our Gift Shop if you are stopping by, or mail them to us if you are not in the area.

List of donation Items

  • Paper Items – scrap paper, newspaper, books, any paper, paper bags
  • Rolls – toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, paper cups, cardboard egg cartons
  • Blankets – blankets, towels, fleece
  • Scents – perfumes, scent sprays, essential oils, spices, shaving cream
  • Toys – dog toys, cat toys, pet toys, leashes, collars, harnesses
  • Food – dog/cat food – cans, kibble, or frozen, dog treats, cheese spray, cheese, baby food, sardines, peanut butter, canned fruits and veggies pumpkin, non-perishables – wheat flour, rice, pastas
  • Larger Items – dog beds, cardboard boxes, igloos, crates, straw, woodchips/shavings