Wild Spirit is currently CLOSED to the public for the months of January and February

At this time, tours are available by reservation only. 

Standard Tours can be booked in as little as two days prior to your visit, and our Specialty Tours must be scheduled one week in advance. Please call reservations at (505) 775-3032 to schedule your tours!

Wild Spirit will return to our normal operational hours on March 1st.

At Wild Spirit, we believe that food is medicine! A well-balanced, high-quality, species-specific diet is by far one of the most important responsibilities we have as caretakers of our rescues.

Wolves, Australian dingoes, and New Guinea singing dogs are carnivorous, while our foxes, domestic dogs, and coyotes are omnivorous. That’s why we have developed two raw diets: The Carnivore Diet and The Omnivore Diet. Each aims to support longevity and to optimize the overall health of our rescues. Therefore, both diets contain valuable minerals and supplements, which help to prevent inflammatory conditions, such as cancer, kidney disease, and arthritis that tend to be common in older canines.

MEET OUR RESCUES and fall in love! Plan a tour or encounter, stay in one of our beautiful rentals, or camp under the stars!

HAVE TIME TO GIVE? Check out our volunteering options! You can join our Team for a weekend, or you can apply for a long-term stay.

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