Dedicated to Wolf and Wolfdog Rescue and Sanctuary

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to rescuing displaced, unwanted, and un-releaseable captive-bred wolves, wolfdogs, and other related species. We specialize in wolf and wolfdog rescue, though we also rescue and care for foxes, Australian dingoes, New Guinea singing dogs, coyotes.

We are not an adoption agency; we are firm in our belief that wolves and wolfdogs should not be bred for adoption. You can read more in our article, “Why Wolf-Dogs Don’t Make Good Pets”.

As a wolf and wolfdog rescue sanctuary, we are committed to educating the public on matters concerning ownership of wolves and wolfdogs, and lifetime care of our rescues. We rely almost completely on the generous support of the public.

All visitors to Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary must be escorted beyond the inner courtyard; no one is allowed to wander freely within the animal enclosure grounds. This requirement ensures the safety of our guests and, most importantly, reduces stress for many of our rescues. However, our well-educated and trained staff are eager to share their knowledge, experiences, and passion with guests on tour!

Explore our “How You Can Help” page if you find you’ve been smitten by our critters and wish to support our rescues! All proceeds from sponsorships, memberships, enrichment donations, tours, and Gift Shop sales directly support our rescues by offsetting the costs to provide high-quality food, enrichment, medical care, and habitat maintenance.

The team is always eager to welcome new members to the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Family!

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is home to 53 canids, including wolves and wolf-dogs, coyotes, Australian dingoes, New Guinea singing dogs, foxes, and domestic dogs!
36Wolves & Wolf Dogs
4Singing Dogs
3Domestic Dogs
Critter Counter 53
36Wolves & Wolf Dogs
4Singing Dogs
3Domestic Dogs

Howling Reporter Magazine

Now publishing quarterly!
Four times a year we publish a beautiful, full-color magazine for our howling supporters! This 16-page publication has news, information, and features supporting our three principles; rescue, sanctuary, and education.

As a leading wolf and wolf-dog rescue sanctuary that relies heavily on public donations, we could use your help!

Donations of $50 or more are eligible when you donate, create a membership, or sponsor a rescue! Check out your options!

Howling Reporter 2020 Spring/Summer Kaya Feature
Spring 2020 Howling Reporter Cover
You can view the Spring/Summer 2020 Howling Reporter as a PDF here!

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Welcome Home, Irwin!

Before life at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, high-content wolf-dog Irwin was born to a breeder in Ohio and sold as a pet to a private owner. He remained in his original home for the first several years of his life, raised up alongside the family's black lab, who raised...
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Ways You Can Help

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is almost entirely funded by donations and grants; we receive no government funding. We rely on the kindness and support of individuals and organizations as deeply committed to the care of our rescues as we are. There are so many way you can help us to continue our mission. Can you help?

Romeo is one of our visitor favorites


We rely heavily on donations of money and resources to keep our animals fed and well cared for.

Donations can be made in honor of a loved one, and you can even choose to donate a monthly amount.

If you like to shop on Amazon, we have an Amazon Wish List, and you can even use Amazon Smile to help us when shopping for yourself.


Sponsoring a rescue is a great way to help!

Not only are you helping us to feed and care for our rescues, but you can get some cool rewards for yourself, like a sponsorship certificate and a fridge magnet, each featuring your sponsored rescue, and a huge discount on our official Membership t-shirt.

Consider sponsoring a rescue!

Arya is an arctic wolf

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary works with a limited staff and number of volunteers and interns.

We are always grateful for help from individuals and groups.

“Weekend Warriors” and “Long-Term Volunteers” have been critical to our success!

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