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We’re making some big changes and need a little more time!

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary offers a Standard Tour and a Feeding Tour.

We are no longer offering the Canine Encounter Tour, Photo Tour, or Wolf Walk.

If this is your first time visiting us, please be sure to read the What You Should Know About Visiting Us section, at the bottom of this page.

If you’re planning to visit in the future, please be aware that our regular hours and tour schedule change during the months of January and February!

Please note: All visitors to Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary must be escorted beyond the inner courtyard; no one is allowed to wander freely within the animal enclosure grounds. This requirement ensures the safety of our guests and, most importantly, reduces stress for many of our rescues.

All tour guests should plan to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the tour start time to check-in, grab water, or use the restroom. Your punctuality is greatly appreciated by our team, and our guests!

During the months of January and February all tours are by advance reservation ONLY. You must register at least two days in advance.

$10 per Adult • $8 per Senior, Military Veteran, or Student (with valid ID) • $5 per Child (12 or younger) • All age groups • No reservation required • Lasts roughly 1 hour • Daily times are 11:30 am, 1:30 pm, and 3:30 pm

Our Standard Tour is an opportunity to see and learn more about how Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary cares for our beautiful animals. The Standard Tour is open to all age groups, and typically runs between 45 minutes and an hour or more, depending on the size and age of the group, the interest of the guests, and activity of our rescues.

Along the tour path you’re free to take photos, and you will see an assortment of our rescues, though not all; Some of our rescues prefer to be away from human activity and will not be visible to the public.

Standard Tours are available three times per day and no advance reservation is required. Large groups of 10 or more can receive a discount, however, these tours are a special case, require advance reservation, and are run only at 11 am daily. Please contact us to schedule large group tours, either by phone 505-775-3032 or email.


SPECIALTY TOUR: Requires at least 7 days advance registration
$25 per Person • All age groups • Lasts roughly 1 hour • Typically available Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays

The Feeding Tour is an opportunity to learn about our species-specific diets, why we feed them what we do, and to watch them chow down! You will likely have the opportunity to try your hand at delivering some tasty treats to a hungry animal, too. It’s harder than it looks to get that frozen meat over the fence!


Other Specialty Tours

We no longer offer any tours where visitors come in direct contact with animals. The “Wolf Walk”, “Canine Encounter Tours”, and the “Photo Tour” have been retired for a number of reasons.

We may begin offering the Photo Tour again once we’ve had the opportunity to modify enclosures so that the public is in no danger of contact with the rescues, but still have the ability to capture great photos. We’re sorry for the incnvenience.

What You Should Know About Visiting Us

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is remote, about 4 miles down a fairly well-maintained gravel road. When the roads are dry, it’s a relatively easy, if not bumpy, ride down Candy Kitchen Road. However, when it’s wet the road can be slippery, and reduced speeds are highly recommended. Additionally, if you plan on utilizing our campground, or if you’re planning on staying in one of our lodgings, it is strongly advised that you have a 4-wheel drive vehicle; once you get off the gravel road, the dirt roads in the area can become anything from slick to downright sloppy.

If you’re coming out for part of your day, you should plan your meals carefully since there aren’t any restaurants or shops nearby that sell food or drink. The nearest location is a gas station/mini-mart that is about 20 minutes away. You might want to stop in Grants or Gallup (depending on which direction you’re coming from) and grab some snacks or bring lunch with you to eat on the picnic tables in the courtyard. If you’re coming from Grants, just before you get to El Morro National Monument, you might want to stop at Inscription Rock Trading Post for a great cup of coffee and a snack, as well as some excellent local shopping, or go next door to the Ancient Way Café for a fantastic meal.

Also, keep in mind that we’re around 7,500 feet above sea level, and people not used to these altitudes may feel sluggish, or have a mild headache. It’s very important to stay hydrated up here, even if you don’t feel thirsty!

Finally, to best be prepared for participating on a tour, be sure to wear sturdy, closed-toe shoes, as our tour path is unpaved and uneven. Furthermore, due to the unpredictability of the weather here, it is highly recommended that you bring layers and rain gear to keep comfortable despite the temperature and possible precipitation.

The Wild Spirit Team cannot wait to have you visit!