Enrichment Events

Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary hosts several events throughout each calendar year geared to educate and familiarize the public with our mission and vision.

Rescues receive enrichment regularly, in many forms, specific to the animal’s needs. Our enrichment events occur quarterly, and are geared toward giving our rescues an opportunity to engage with something different than their daily fare. Four times a year we make a big deal out of celebrating and rewarding our wonderful critters!

Present Toss Enrichment Event Up Next

Present Toss

December 23, 2022
Gift-wrapped goodies engage our rescues and provide them some exciting activity.

Spring Basket Enrichment Event

Spring Baskets

April, 2023
Baskets loaded with species-appropriate goodies are delivered to each rescue.

Summer Cooler Enrichment Event

Summer Coolers

July, 2023
Rescues have the opportunity to interact with frozen treats appropriate to their species.

Pumpkin Toss Enrichment Event

Pumpkin Toss

October, 2023
Frozen pumpkins filled with different kinds of treats to stimulate the senses!