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Enrichment is important for innately wild animals in captivity. They don’t get to experience the same activities that animals living in the wild do, so caretakers need to provide added enjoyment and new experiences. There are many ways to do this, like giving them new things-- to smell, taste, or look at--or giving them problems to solve (things to open). At Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, we give our rescues enrichment throughout the year.

Your vital donation of $35 each quarter helps us provide unique treats and toys plus helps us provide our rescues with the raw meat diet they crave and deserve. It takes a lot of hard work, driving, vehicle maintenance, storage and supplies to make this happen. On behalf of happy rescues, thank you for your thoughtful support!

We have 5 enrichment activities throughout the year: Give Your Heart to the Wolves (Valentine's Day), Spring Baskets (spring), Summer Coolers (summer), Pumpkin Toss (fall) & Present Toss (winter). Please select which enrichment you will be funding and choose which rescue you would like to send an enrichment to or select "General" for the enrichment to go to anyone.

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