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2023 Spring Basket Recap

Article by Paul Koch

April 9, 2024

It is that time of year where we are coming up on our Seasonal Spring Basket enrichment again! To celebrate, we figured we would shine a light on the event from the previous year, including some behind the scenes photos!

Living so far from civilization has a ton of benefits for our rescues, but one big downfall is being out of service range, causing a reliance on WiFi. For this reason, many of our supporters only get to enjoy a fraction of our seasonal enrichment events. Thankfully, we try to photograph the rescues who are out of WiFi range so everyone can witness them munching and crunching on their wonderful enrichments!

If you would like to sponsor a critter for our Seasonal Spring Basket 2024 event, you can do so by clicking HERE, and be sure to tune into our live stream on April 19th, 2024! In case you miss a livestream, you can always view it on our Facebook page!

Now, please enjoy a bunch of photos of some of our rescues enjoying their 2023 Spring Baskets!

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