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Cozy Like the Wolf Campaign

Article by Paul Koch

March 29, 2024

Wild Spirit has been blessed with so many incredible supporters over the years, each striving to help our sanctuary and its rescues in countless creative ways! We are pleased to announce yet another brilliant campaign started by one of our long time supporter, Donna McCann, which offers the purchase of a Wild Spirit hoodie to help raise funds for the sanctuary.

Wild Spirit limited edition pull-over hoodie with company logo

The option is also available to donate the proceeds instead, if a hoodie isn’t quite your style. Please click here to see the selection.

A massive shout out to Donna for creating this campaign; she has been an avid supporter of Wild Spirit for the last 4 and a half years, helping us with our mission to provide a permanent, safe sanctuary and lifelong care to each and every rescue. All funds raised will be paid directly to Wild Spirit following production costs, and any monetary donations go fully to the sanctuary/the support our critters!

The campaign will last from April 3rd, 2024 – April 30th, 2024! Our goal is currently set to 300 hoodies, and every person to purchase one of the first 300 will have their name displayed on this page long after the campaign ends as a show of appreciation! Get your hoodie shipped today, and thank you so much for your continued support!
Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Hoodies to support the WOLVES!! Custom Ink Fundraising



This campaign has now concluded. A massive thank you to all of our incredible supporters:

Leah Byers1 item + $50
Samantha DeMarco1 item “WSWS Team is absolutely amazing!”
Joanna Dautrich1 item “WSWS is my sanctuary. Every time I go there my soul is filled with love, peace  and renewed strength. It is a privilege to be around such amazing creatures and the awesome people who care for them.”
Jeanne Flynn1 item
George Rey Levi Zuni1 item + $10 “I’d like to help more.”
Beth McIntyre1 item “I have been following WSWS for years and know that these animals are being cared for and loved.”
Molly Wawrzynski1 item “My family has been to visit the sanctuary 3 times, and it is clear that the staff is completely dedicated to the health and well-being of the rescues”!
Robi Parks1 item “Wild Spirit is my happy place, my sanctuary. It is an honor to spend time with all of the beautiful fur kids; their melodious songs nourish my soul, ground me & renew my energy. Team WS are truly angels walking among us & I adore each one of them!!”
Shelly and Jillian Hesse2 items “My daughter Jillian was an intern here in the summer of 2023 and we went down to visit her there and meet the rescues. Amazing people and kiddos what a great experience.”
Frances Glenn1 item “I believe in what this organization does for animals that deserve to have a life of care and respect.”
Janet Menschel1 item “I approve of their mission”
Kimberly Kepler1 item
Alycia Headdress2 items + $50 “Wolves are amazing and beautiful creatures and, it would be a bleak world without being able to hear or see them in it.”
Lynne Fullerton1 item “I like the idea of broadcasting the cause on my clothing and I have not donated since January or February so it’s time.”
Lee Boothby1 item + $50 “I had to joy of living with two hybrid wolf rescues, Kona and Lobo for many years. They were the biggest love buckets of my life. I miss them. I donate in memory of their great wolf spirits.”
Nadia O.2 items “I was introduced to the amazing work that you do by my son as he was driving across country to his first US Navy duty station. He chanced upon your sanctuary and was so moved by it that the family is now a supporter. Bravo Zulu!!”
Vince Price1 item “Wolf supporter. Loves wolves.”
Bata Spasic3 items + $10 “We love Wild Spirit and work they do!!!”
Susan May1 item + $50 “WSWS is a wonderful, beautiful place for the wolves because of the dedication of all those who work there. I will continue to support any way I can.”
Lisa Lacriola1 item “I support all the wonderful things the sanctuary does for wolves, anytime I can give a little more, I do.”
Scotty Henry1 item “We just visited for the first time, and Nicola gave such a wonderful presentation, and really gave us good info to share about wolves and wolf populations. These animals are so loved and so well taken care of, that we want to be a part of that love.”
Tracy Dillinger1 item
Shelley Koch2 items + $200
Carol Geck2 items + $10 “I’ve have been supporting the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary for several years. We sponsor a wolf and help whenever possible.”
Samara Alexander2 items “I brought my family to one of the October events many years back and it was a great experience . Camping with the wolves and feeding them.”
Steven Harrell1 item + $50 “Strong belief that wolves are a integral part of the natural environment and they need protection.”
Elizabeth Crockett1 item “I have been a supporter since the sanctuary was the Candy Kitchen. A sweatshirt that shows the Wild Spirit emblem is long overdue. Thank you.”
Daniel English1 item
Virginia Mahan1 item “Wolves are beautiful, amazing creatures that need the protection of a place of refuge.”
Anne Hayward1 item

Keith Laposh1 item + $10 “I am Rescue Coordinator at W.O.L.F. Sanctuary. We are allies in this mission to save lives and ease suffering. I will proudly wear Wild Spirit’s hoodie to express my gratitude for the work that you do!”
Carlee Horstmann
1 item
Amy Hoffman
1 item + $25
Laura Finn
1 item
Coleen Burnham-Gladstone
1 item “You guys simply rock! Your work is appreciated and needed (unfortunately needed). You obviously love and care for each animal you rescue. It shows, Thank you.”
Beth Reich
3 items “Good cause”
Perrone Law LLC
3 items + $100
Sami Wolf
2 items “Love to support WSWS”
Barbara McDonald
1 item “My niece Brittany runs this sanctuary which is very dear to her heart so I want to support her and the wonderful work she does.”
Lisa Walsh
1 item + $10 “Wolves deserve our love, respect, and protection. Places like Wild Spirit deserve our support.”
Rebecca Schobert
2 items
Beth Kittleson2 items “Brittany and crew work very hard to make WSWS a successful place and I admire all they do!”
Patricia Quilliam1 item
Donna McCann2 items
Tracy Waterhouse2 items “The sanctuary is very important to the lives of many animals and if I can help them in any way, I am so happy to do it!”
Kendra Sindelman2 items
Dave Reddin1 item “I love wolves.”
Dr. Joseph V. Homan1 item “I have loved wolves for 50+ years. Years ago, I considered getting a wolf dog until I researched it to find how challenging it can be to keep it as a pet. Instead, I have visited the sanctuary twice and will continue to donate to this good cause.”
Lisa Faught1 item “I am fascinated with these animals and I want to help in providing a safe place for them to live out there lives.”
Mark L. Martinec1 item + $50 “Taking care of beautiful animals is the spirit of the world and that spirit lives forever.”
Cynthia Grove1 item + $50
Ruby and Lene1 item “It’s my best friend’s birthday and she spent a summer volunteering when leyton was there and fell in love with the rescue and the canines. When lives in Denmark and only comes to NM every 5 years or so. Her address is in Denmark so I hope this works”
Brittany McDonald1 item “❤️ For the Wild Spirit team and all its incredible rescues ❤️”
Tamara Crohn1 item + $25
Lisa Walsh1 item + $10 “This is my second order for this great cause. Wolves need our protection and Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary needs our support to help these majestic, sentient beings. Thank you Wild Spirit for all you do!!”
Alea & Peter2 items + $100 “Precious all the love, care, respect and beauty of living souls who are rescued, rescue and connect others together to help rescue. Each and every one of you, God’s creation, thank you! And even warm hoodies too.
Matthew Fridley1 item “Supporting WSWS”
Scott1 item + $10 “I rescued. a wolf 12 years ago”
JOHN LAMBERT1 item + $10
Brian R Beckwith1 item + $25
Karl Queen1 item + $50
Doreen Levish2 items + $50 “Because we appreciate the work you do for the wolves.”
Beth Ann Roggie1 item “Thank you for caring for the Wolves&Wolf dogs.”
Deborah Raley2 items + $25 “This sanctuary is amazing. Thank you for all you do.”
Emily Miller1 item + $10 “My mother loves wolves and the sanctuary.”
Rebecca Schobert2 items “Wolves are amazing survivors.”

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