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Please be aware that there are several active wildfires throughout New Mexico and Arizona that may affect travel to and from the wolf sanctuary. Please call the Gift Shop if you need more information, as we are trying to stay on top of road and fire information: 505-775-3304.

Male Low-Content Wolfdog
He is roughly 6 years old and his birthday is around April, 2018.

He is NOT on the Tour Path.

Kenai was rescued from Ohio in June of 2020. Due to a sudden illness, his owner was forced to seek sanctuary placement in order to ensure his life-long care, knowing she could no longer provide it herself. Fortunately, at the time of Kenai’s rescue, Wild Spirit had a single female wolfdog that we thought he might be a good match for, so we made the trip from New Mexico to Ohio to pick him up and bring him home!

Since arriving at Wild Spirit, Kenai has been paired up with several different wolfdogs of varying ages, contents, and each with very different personalities. Thankfully, because of his own calm demeanor, he has made for easy match-making, and always seems to bring out the best sides of his counterparts! Hopefully his current companion, Luna, will be his last. The two have developed such a wonderful and close relationship, that Kenai has even been seen sharing his meals with her.

While Kenai remains shy with most of our Animal Care Team, he has settled into his life with us beautifully, and we are grateful to know he’ll have a forever home in our care!


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