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Let’s Talk About Motaki!

Article by Paul Koch

March 19, 2024

By now we’re sure you’ve seen her lovely furry face displayed on our Facebook page–the one, the only, Motaki! However, what you may not know is how this sweet girl came to call Wild Spirit home. 

Lovely Motaki, posing for a headshot in 2024

Motaki came to us from a family in Idaho, where she was very loved. Unfortunately, one day the family’s young son stuck his arm in her enclosure and was bitten, and her owners were given 14 days to find sanctuary placement. Thankfully, her family was willing to make the trip for us, so long as it meant her life would be saved. As such, they made the drive from Idaho to New Mexico just days following our first communication, and after 12 straight hours of driving, Motaki arrived on-site and was transferred to her new enclosure.

Motaki, like many of our rescues, needed some time to habituate to her new enclosure, as well as the humans rumbling around. At first, she presented herself as a shy gal who preferred to dodge around her Caretakers. However, as time went on, she instilled her trust in a select few of us, coming up for sniffs and even chin scratches! Her progress was incredible to see, but didn’t stop there . . .

Today, Motaki is one of our most social rescues at Wild Spirit. Though she has the odd person she is weary of, the vast majority of her Caretakers are graced with her affection. She is a testament to the fact that, often times, animals with a bite history are victims themselves; a single moment of reactivity can change their entire life, which leaves them branded as a “danger” and on the cusp of euthansia. We were incredibly fortunate to give Motaki her second chance, and love watching her thrive at her new home!

Motaki and Sevro, prowling their fenceline

Ever since her arrival, Motaki has been paired with our strapping young lad, Sevro! The two are not an especially affectionate couple, but if there is one thing they love, it is causing havoc with their neighbors! Whether it be patrolling their fence line with her meal in maw, or growling and snarling at rescues being walked on leash outside their enclosure, these trouble makers ensure their voices are heard!

When it comes to their human relationships, Motaki is somewhat of a guiding light for Sevro. Her social nature has helped him feel more comfortable around his Caretakers, and even prompted him to seek affection with a select few. She is even gracious enough to share attention, which isn’t always the case in our pairs. We believe it’s safe to say that Motaki is overjoyed with her new companion, and forever home! 

Did Motaki’s story warm your heart? Or perhaps her dashing companion Sevro? If so, please considering sponsoring them by clicking here! As always, thank you for your support!


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