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Not One, but Two PEOPLE Magazine Articles!

Article by Paul Koch

December 26, 2023

Education is, and always will be, one of our missions as a sanctuary. For that reason, Katie Forbis, our astounding Marketing Manager, goes leaps and bounds beyond conventional means to spread the stories our the rescues to all who are willing to hear. This includes the wonderful opportunity we had most recently to be featured in PEOPLE Magazine!

The first article was published in December of 2023, entitled “It’s Legal to Own Wolf Hybrid in Alabama, Where Infant was Fatally Mauled“. Though somewhat of a bleak article, the information provided is incredibly insightful, and a recommended read for any who can bare the tragic tale. The article can be found in the hyperlink above, or here:

The second article by PEOPLE Magazine is entitled, “6 Wolfdogs Rescued from Illegal Situation Embrace Their Wild Side at New Sanctuary Home“. This is in reference to our 2023 Pennsylvania rescue, where Amren, Azriel, Emerie, Cassian, Nesta and Ruhn were all captured, and transported to Wild Spirit, their new forever home! The article can be found in the hyperlink above, or here:

We hope you enjoy the articles, and stay tuned for more incredible stories!

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