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Spotlight – Luna and Jaeger

Spotlight Luna and Jaeger - Wolfdog Rescues

Article by Megan Murphy

August 21, 2020

Jaeger and Luna, both wolfdog rescues, are fan favorites at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. Many of you may have met Jaeger if you’ve ever visited and taken a Canine Encounter tour with us! These two have been companions for many years now and are one of our more affectionate couples. While all of our rescue pairings get along well, Jaeger and Luna are one of those special pairs that truly love each other and are often seen playing. This adorable pair has been together since 2014 when 2-year-old Luna was rescued. Her name is very fitting as she was welcomed to Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary on a Friday the 13th on the night of a full moon! Jaeger has been a sanctuary resident since 2010, when he was around 1 year old.

Low-content wolfdog, Luna

I personally have known these two since my first time volunteering at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary during the summer of 2015. I’ve also had the joy of being their main caretaker off and on over the years since. Luna has grown so much during this time; when I first arrived, she was still getting comfortable with certain people, and now enjoys getting love and attention from her close friends. She will sit right next to me asking for more pets if I stop. She is such a sweet girl and is very curious and playful. She likes to follow you around while you’re cleaning and will sometimes play bow and bounce around.

Jaeger is a funny guy; he is very social but not always with those of us who he sees every day working animal care. When we get introduced to Jaeger, he typically will not come up initially, or even for the first few days of training. It can be a little disheartening because we all know Jaeger when he meets brand new people, he loves to show off and interact with them. This is very atypical for many of our rescues, usually they are more comfortable with those of us they see every day and more nervous around strangers, but not Jaeger! Once Jaeger opens up to those of us here who get trained on him, he loves the attention. He’s a sucker for good smells and LOVES scent rolling on clean hair or sunscreen covered arms. Caregivers have to be careful that he doesn’t get too excited while interacting because he can potentially get a little too rough while scent rolling on our hair if we aren’t careful.

High-content wolfdog, Jaeger

Over the years that I’ve known these two cuties, our relationship has gotten stronger. After recently becoming their caretaker again, Luna is more social with me than she’s ever been, which is so wonderful. I can’t wait to see how our relationship continues to grow!

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  1. Dale Slade

    Love seeing those two. I have 2 wolfdog. One is sage 1st born of the litter and weiko last one of the litter. Weiko we had to give her mouth to mouth when she was born mother just pushed her away. Both of then are females, they’ll be 10 October 9th. Their my kids that I have left at home.


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