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Male High-Content Wolfdog
Jaeger joined the Big Pack in the Sky on April 13th, 2022.
He was assisted at 11 years old due to lymphoma (cancer).

Jaeger was born at a breeding facility in Alaska in May of 2010, and arrived at Wild Spirit in December of that same year. The owner kept his breeding wolves in heartbreaking conditions on short chains. Although the facility was named, Wolf Country U.S.A., the man was selling high-content wolfdogs because it is illegal to sell and own pure wolves in Alaska. He misled folks who bought puppies from him by telling them that their wolfdog would be just like a domestic dog. Thankfully this facility has now been shut down.

Jaeger was purchased when he was only four weeks old. After bringing him home, his owner quickly realized the difficulties of owning a wolfdog. She had to pay for an expensive operation after Jaeger swallowed a piece of his toy that he had shredded to pieces, and watched as he destroyed furniture and ate anything that appeared interesting. All canine puppies are a handful, but wolfdog puppy destruction reaches a new level. Although his owner loved Jaeger very much and had built a strong relationship with him, she realized that her small house and un-fenced yard was not the best environment for him.

She originally contacted W.O.L.F., an organization that helps to place wolfdogs. She was given the information about a new owner in Seattle and Jaeger found his new home. Unfortunately, after only spending one day with this new owner, Jaeger became more than the man could handle. He brought the puppy to a woman named Kim Kahl. She fell in love with the charming Jaeger but felt it would be best if he came to Wild Spirit. We agreed to provide Jaeger with a permanent home and drove to pick him up. After spending a day getting to know Jaeger, we leashed him and brought the sweet boy home to Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary.



Jaeger was very sweet and playful, but also quite skittish. Even the wind frightened him when it blew too hard! He got along well with other canines and had a domestic dog for a friend in between companions.


Jaeger lived with rescued mid-content wolfdog, Luna. The two were one of our sweetest companion pairs and were often seen lounging together, or playing with their neighbors through the fence.

Likes & Dislikes

Jaeger loved to scent roll on people’s hair. He also loved his habitat-mate, Luna.

Jaeger disliked crowds, sudden movements, and even the trees swaying in the wind.

Fun Facts

Jaeger would almost always approach people he knew he would never see again, yet sparingly approach Caretakers! These lucky strangers often received kisses, or the occasional scentroll on the noggin!

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  1. Diana

    He is stunning I had a wolf dog as a child one of the best I have ever had
    I want another but so thankful for your sanctuary

  2. Terri Reynolds-Rogers

    Jaeger was only 8 months old when placed at Wild Spirit, a rangy adolescent with plenty of growing still to do. He was an intriguing and beguiling youngster who climbed stairs to above-head height just to keep an eye on things at only 2 months old. As an adolescent, the top of the refrigerator was not out of his reach. He would insist on getting his young adult owner out of bed by removing all the covers, and scent-rolling in the shower pan after her showers. His appetite for wild foraging was remarkable. He ate rose hips and raspberries with equal enthusiasm. His presence kept the extreme hazard of wild moose away from our rural property. He was not a pet dog and made that very clear from a very early age, wily and intelligent, and very purposeful. He loved his person but she never owned him. He owned her and it became clear very early in his life that she would always be his. Meeting him briefly at Wild Spirit six years after his placement, he had not forgotten her, scent-rolling and climbing on her, letting her scrub and ruffle his fur and leaning against her.
    Wolves are not suitable as pets. Like all truly wild animals, they were bred for and belong in the wild where their presence supports the conservation of the land and the population health of the wild herds they feed on. They are remarkably intelligent and resilient, resourceful in meeting their own needs. Thank you, Wild Spirit and Leyton, for giving Jaeger the only home where he is able to thrive.

  3. Terri Reynolds-Rogers

    So sad to hear that Jaeger has passed away. We came to see him twice these past 13-14 years since Leyton gave him a wonderful home, so much more than he would have ever had with us. So many of the other pups from Wolf Country were destroyed less than two years old because of their poor management in captivity with unsuspecting owners. Thank you, Wild Spirit, thank you, Leyton, for giving him a forever home, thank you, caregivers who cared for him over the years, and thank you, all of you who got to know him through newsletters and supported his care. Terri Rogers – Palmer, Alaska


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