BIO ~ Lair was a female high-content wolf-dog. We rescued her in late September of 2019 when she was 13 years old.  She joined the Big Pack in the Sky in November of 2019.
PERSONALITY ~ Lair was incredibly sweet, charming, and distinctly spunky for her older age. While she was nervous when she first arrived, it did not take Lair long to adjust to our routine. Within a week, Lair was visibly comfortable and enjoying the perks of sanctuary life, including fence-fighting with neighbors and visitors to the One Acre (which bordered her habitat).
RELATIONSHIP ~  In her short time with us, Lair lived with our handsome senior rescue, Nikki.   Lair did not hesitate to tell Nikki off when it came to highly prized items, such as bones and affection from caretakers, which earned her respect from Nikki.
LIKES ~ Lair loved her breakfast so much that she would do a happy dance when she saw her caretaker approaching with the food bucket. She could also be heard “a-woo-ing” with excitement.


FUN FACTS ~ Because Lair was nearly blind and deaf, she received pain medication and meals through the fence. Not too long after, her habitat-mate, Nikki, decided that he would like to be served breakfast in the same way.

LAIR’S HISTORY ~ Sadly, Lair’s story is a very common one for high-content wolf-dogs and for wild animals that are not suited to the domestic pet life. Lair was originally sold as an exotic pet when she was still a puppy, and unfortunately, the people who purchased Lair did not understand the kind of animal they had bought. High-content wolf-dogs display more physical characteristics and personality traits of a wolf than a dog, which can include no interest in pleasing people, independence, great intelligence, and increased stress when in captivity. When the folks who bought little Lair realized their mistake in buying what clearly was not a dog, they asked if the breeder would take her back. Unfortunately, the answer was, “No.”

Lair’s owners then reached out to a local shelter in hopes they could bring the wolf-dog puppy to them. However, most shelters do not allow the adoption of dogs who they even suspect have wolf in their lineage, meaning Lair, a high-content wolf-dog, would have been euthanized. As a result, Lair experienced several moves, lived with different companions and was cared for by different individuals, gave birth to one litter, and ultimately found herself at the Wildlife Waystation in California.

In August of 2019, the Wildlife Waystation Board of Directors notified the California Department of Fish and Wildlife of their vote to close the facility. In recent years, the Waystation’s aging facility had struggled with upkeep after extensive damage from the Creek Fire in 2017 and then flooding in 2019. The Waystation also recently had a change in leadership when founder Martine Colette left her position as the organization’s president. Suddenly, Lair and over 400 tigers, chimps, and other wildlife needed to find new living arrangements.

Late September, Wild Spirit was honored to offer the sweet, elderly Lair a retirement home where she had room to explore, privacy to enjoy her final months, and a species-specific breakfast that she would happily dance for, “a-wooing” with joy. 

While Lair was not with Wild Spirit long, only a few months, this little girl managed to steal the hearts of all the people around her. It did not take her long to pick up on the Team’s routine and the particulars of the individuals passing her habitat. Despite being nearly blind and deaf, Lair was able to differentiate between individuals, and she was particularly astute when it was her turn for breakfast. 

Lair let the Team know when her time was drawing close, as she lost interest in the food she once loved, and no longer did she much care for attention from caretakers. Instead, Lair mostly curled up to sleep, enjoying the comforts of her prized blankets. Thankfully, too, Lair did not show any signs of pain or suffering, she just seemed exhausted. Then one night in November, Lair passed away peacefully in her sleep, and she was found the next morning in her habitat’s underground den.

Little Lair, you will be greatly missed by all who had the chance to know you. The Wild Spirit Team is truly happy to have been able to provide you with a safe place to live out your final months. Rest in peace, precious one.

Farewell, Beautiful Lair

FAREWELL, BEAUTIFUL LAIR This past summer, we rescued 13-year-old, Lair, after the Wildlife Waystation closed it's doors. This sweet beauty came to us nearly blind and deaf and suffering from severe arthritis and other medical issues. Thanks to support from loving folks like you, we were able to provide Lair with life-changing pain medication, meals that made her Happy Dance, and a safe, beautiful space to peacefully slip away to the Rainbow Bridge. We wish we had more time to papmer this deserving beauty, but we wouldn't wish her back from where she is now, running free and howling with the Big Pack in the Sky. Our deepest thanks to all those who cared for Lair throughout her life and made sure she was not forgotten.See you later, precious girl. < in honor of Lair -

Posted by Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary on Sunday, 22 December 2019
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