Male Low-Content Wolfdog
Lakota joined the Big Pack in the Sky on August 26th, 2017.
He was assisted at 15 years old due to old age/quality of life concerns.

Lakota was born on May 13th of 2002, and arrived at Wild Spirit in July of 2003. He was surrendered to a “high kill” shelter in the first year of his life. Tragically, the workers at the facility were too afraid to go into his enclosure to clean, because they thought he was a pure wolf.

When a caring woman received an email from the shelter asking for assistance in placing many of their animals, she reached out to see if she could help. Upon investigating the agency, she discovered Lakota, who was living in horrible conditions–covered in urine, feces, and weighed about 40 pounds.

The woman decided to accept Lakota, restore him to good health, and then transport him to a wolf rescue. She took excellent care of him while he was in her home, and over the next month, Lakota was able to build a relationship with the woman and her 16-year-old daughter.

When Lakota was in good enough health to be transported, the woman reached out to Wild Spirit, in hopes we had an enclosure available. Though space is always an issue at a sanctuary due to the over-saturation of wolfdogs requiring rescue, luckily for Lakota we had a female living alone that was in need of a companion: Natasha.

We departed as soon as we could to journey to Kansas and retrieve our new rescue!



Although he was able to establish a relationship at his previous home, Lakota was always one of the shyest animals living at Wild Spirit. He mainly kept to himself, and always moved to the back of his enclosure when new Caretakers walked by. However, with time and patience, he would open up to people. He was a wonderful match for Sassy, with a gentle and meek attitude that prevented any conflicts with our feisty gal.


Lakota first lived with an older wolfdog named Natasha. When she passed, he spent the majority of his life with one of the Arctic-Timbers, Sassy. Following her passing in 2015, we attempted a pairing with another wily gal named Oni, and Nymeria, but he never did respond well to another companion.

Likes & Dislikes

Lakota liked stuffed animals and other toys, following Caretakers he trusted around the enclosure, and stealing objects from them.

Lakota disliked when Sassy tried to steal his food and being approached head-on.

Fun Facts

When Lakota lived with Natasha, he went through a short-lived period of bravery. It was during this time that his Caretakers learned of his love of stealing objects. One day, he stole her favorite stuffed animal and buried it. His caretaker had to keep digging it up to give back to the poor old gal.

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