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Female Wolf
Natasha joined the Big Pack in the Sky in August of 2008.
She passed at the age of 14 years old due to unknown causes.

Natasha was a timber wolf born in 1994 and arrived at Wild Spirit in 1995 from a breeder in Washington. She was the aunt of seven pups in a litter that were produced by Ammon Ra and Nashoba–two other wolves residing at the sanctuary from the same breeder.

The litter, which included Lycea, Ghengis, Zeus, Taza, Selena, Shakti, and Chaka Zulu, spent their first weeks outside being raised by their parents. However, tragedy struck, and Nashoba died soon after birth due to gastric torsion.

The pups were quickly moved indoors, and staff took on the responsibility of bottle feeding the litter! It was tireless work with little rest, especially given the staff’s efforts to ensure that the pups had enough access to their father to be raised by both humans and wolves. Once they were old enough to survive, the pups were moved outside into suitable groups.

At the time, Natasha was living with her brother, Nootka. We decided the two would make a good pair to help raise some of the pups, so Ghengis , Shakti and Zeus went to live with them. However, Zeus had different plans and eventually kicked out Natasha and Nootka, preferring to share space with Shakti only.

Natasha instead went to live with her other nephew, Chaka Zulu.

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Natasha was a shy girl who would rather stay as far away from humans as possible. She was unsocial towards people, and would sometimes get irritated when people were in her enclosure. However, with a very select few, she would become more open and come down from the back of her enclosure to investigate. She had even been seen coming down to the front of the fence with tours walking by!



Natasha first lived with her brother, Nootka. When her nieces and nephews were born, she helped raise Ghengis, Zeus and Shakti. Before long, she and Nootka were kicked out by Zeus, and they went to lived with their other nephew, Chaka Zulu.

Natasha out-lived both Nootka and Chaka Zulu, eventually being paired with Lakota (as seen in the photo)!


Likes & Dislikes

Natasha liked wrestling with Lakota, her favorite stuffed animal and food-based enrichments.

Natasha disliked when Lakota would steal her food or stuffed animals.

Fun Facts

Natasha was a wonderful surrogate mom! She raised her niece and nephews well (even if some of them appeared ungrateful), and she seemed to miss having pups when they were no longer around. To help, we gave her a stuffed animal to “care” for, which quickly became her favorite thing in the world.

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