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Male Wolf
Ghengis Khan
Taza joined the Big Pack in the Sky in November of 2007.
He passed at the age of 11 due to old age.

Taza was born on Wild Spirit property on April 7th, 1996, near the beginning of the sanctuary’s’ “conception” itself! He was one of seven pups in a litter that was bottle raised by staff, and born by Ammon Ra and Nashoba–two other wolves residing at the sanctuary.

The litter, which included Shakti, Ghengis, Zeus, Taza, Lycea, Selena, and Chaka Zulu, spent their first weeks outside being raised by their parents. However, tragedy struck, and Nashoba died soon after birth due to gastric torsion.

The pups were quickly moved indoors, and staff took on the responsibility of bottle feeding the litter! It was tireless work with little rest, especially given the staff’s efforts to ensure that the pups had enough access to their father to be raised by both humans and wolves. Once they were old enough to survive, the pups were moved outside into suitable groups.

Taza went with his sister, Lycea, to live with their father, Ammon Ra. The three got along well, and long after their father passed, the two siblings remained a happy pair!

Ghengis Khan photo by Phil Sonier


Taza was one of the 1996 pups that actually turned out social towards humans, unlike some of his other brothers and sisters. He was, however, shy, and while he could become attached to humans, he mostly preferred to keep to himself. If anyone new entered his enclosure, he would usually come over to take a sniff. Through the fence, Taza was much more social, and would come up to investigate a tour.


Taza first lived with the rest of the 1996 litter (Zeus, Shakti, Ghengis, Lycea, Selena, and Chaka Zulu), before he and his sister, Lycea, formed a group with their father, Ammon Ra.

When their father passed, Taza and Lycea remained a pair until his final days.

Likes & Dislikes

Taza liked marking tour guides, soaking up the sun and affection from his favorite Caretakers.

Taza disliked his sister, Selena, and waiting patiently for food.

Fun Facts

Taza was one of our most exploratory wolves at the sanctuary! If there were scents to sniff and food to find, he was up and about hunting it down (and promptly rolling in it).

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