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Female Wolf
Lycea joined the Big Pack in the Sky on December 9th, 2009.
She passed at the age of 13 due to old age.

Lycea was born on Wild Spirit property on April 7th, 1996, near the beginning of the sanctuary’s’ “conception” itself! She was one of seven pups in a litter that were produced by Ammon Ra and Nashoba–two other wolves residing at the sanctuary.

The litter, which included Lycea, Ghengis, Zeus, Taza, Selena, Shakti, and Chaka Zulu, spent their first weeks outside being raised by their parents. However, tragedy struck, and Nashoba died soon after birth due to gastric torsion.

The pups were quickly moved indoors, and staff took on the responsibility of bottle feeding the litter! It was tireless work with little rest, especially given the staff’s efforts to ensure that the pups had enough access to their father to be raised by both humans and wolves. Once they were old enough to survive, the pups were moved outside into suitable groups.

Lycea went with her brother, Taza, to live with their father, Ammon Ra. The three got along well, and long after their father passed, the two siblings remained a happy pair!

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Lycea was a sweet girl to those she cared about, but always had a wild streak she wasn’t afraid to show. She had a few favorite Caretakers over the years, who received the brunt of her affection. For everyone else, she was much shyer but could grow comfortable around volunteers if they acted calmly while walking by her enclosure. Lycea loved to pick fights, and had rivalries with her sister and boyfriend, and Cove and Lucian.



Lycea first lived with the rest of the 1996 litter (Ghengis, Zeus, Taza, Selena, Shakti, and Chaka Zulu). before she and her brother, Taza, formed a group with their father, Ammon Ra.

When their father passed, Taza and Lycea remained a pair until her brother also passed in November of 2007.


Likes & Dislikes

Lycea liked her favorite Caretakers, meaty bones, and sunbathing on her house.

Lycea disliked sudden movements, loud noises, and new Caretakers investigating her house or den.

Fun Facts

When Lycea lived with Taza, she was famous for her “bunny-hops”. Whenever food or treats were imminent, she would begin leaping into the air with all four legs off the ground. Doing this in quick succession made it look like she was bouncing like a rabbit!

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