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Female Wolf
Zeus 1996
Shakti joined the Big Pack in the Sky on May 8th, 2010.
She passed at the age of 14 due to old age.

Shakti was born on Wild Spirit property on April 7th, 1996, near the beginning of the sanctuary’s’ “conception” itself! She was one of seven pups in a litter that were produced by Ammon Ra and Nashoba–two other wolves residing at the sanctuary.

The litter, which included Shakti, Ghengis, Zeus, Taza, Lycea, Selena, and Chaka Zulu, spent their first weeks outside being raised by their parents. However, tragedy struck, and Nashoba died soon after birth due to gastric torsion.

The pups were quickly moved indoors, and staff took on the responsibility of bottle feeding the litter! It was tireless work with little rest, especially given the staff’s efforts to ensure that the pups had enough access to their father to be raised by both humans and wolves. Once they were old enough to survive, the pups were moved outside into suitable groups.

Ghengis , Shakti and Zeus all split off to live with their Aunt Natasha and Uncle Nootka, who were rescued from the same breeder in Washington as the litter’s parents. Zeus and Shakti had a very close and loving relationship, but the same could not be said for the two brothers. They had the kind of relationship you would expect from most brothers, constantly challenging one another and pushing boundaries. As the two matured and dynamics began to shift, they were eventually separated to avoid rising tensions and a possible conflict.

In time, Zeus also kicked out Natasha and Nootka, preferring to share space with Shakti only. The two remained a happy pair until Zeus’ passing in August of 2007.

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Zeus 1996


Shakti was a self-assured gal that had a playful side, as well. Although she became excited when Caretakers came in to visit, she was sensitive to body posturing, whether accidental or not. She was a spunky old lady that always remained young at heart, which was never more clear than when Flurry moved in; Shakti reverted to a puppy attitude and behaved much more affectionately.



Shakti first lived with the rest of the 1996 litter (Ghengis, Zeus, Taza, Lycea, Selena, and Chaka Zulu), before her and her brothers, Zeus and Ghengis, formed a group with their Aunt Natasha and Uncle Nootka. Zeus eventually kicked everyone out until it was only Shakti and himself!

When Zeus passed, Shakti moved in with Flurry, who was just a young pup at the time!

Likes & Dislikes

Shakti liked fence-fighting with her neighbor Cove, butt-scratches, and sleeping in tall weeds.

Shakti disliked Cove getting attention/fed first, Caretakers leaning over her, and meaty bones.

Fun Facts

Cove and Shakti’s long-time rivalry was legendary at the sanctuary. Despite the fight wire between their enclosures, they would constantly squabble and try to nip at each other through the fence. Neighbors don’t always get along, but these two took it to the extreme!

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