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Male Wolf
Flurry joined the Big Pack in the Sky on February 17th, 2022.
He was assisted at 14 years old due bloat/gastric torsion.

Flurry was an Arctic wolf that was born on May 8, 2007. He was the younger brother of Alice, Thunder, Sabine, Sugar, Storm and Powder, who were rescued a year prior. Flurry was one of the few wolves born right here at Wild Spirit after his parents, Yukon and Sierra (along with another animal named Axel), were surrendered into our care, as their owner no longer wanted to breed them.

Happy to give them a home, we began the process of making arrangements and set off to pick them up. Once loaded into our rescue van, all three animals were taken to the vet to be spayed and neutered, but when the vet looked at Sierra he discovered something very surprising – she was already pregnant! Although the addition of a litter of pups was not an ideal situation, staff elected to let her maintain her pregnancy.

Upon arrival at Wild Spirit, the three new rescues settled in nicely, creating their home in one of our most beautiful habitats, full of trees and rocks. Almost immediately, Sierra and Yukon prepared for their final litter by digging a den in the dirt under a large rock slab. While doing so, they uncovered a fungus called Cryptococcus, which is generally not a huge threat for canines, but for a mother and her young pups, it can be lethal.

Sierra gave birth to five puppies: Teton, Shasta, Flurry, Frost, and Trinity. Unfortunately, Sierra and Trinity were so affected by the Cryptococcus that they ended up passing away due to the infection. Teton experienced some nerve damage in his front leg, but otherwise recovered fully, and Shasta recovered without any issue. Luckily for Flurry and Frost, they began showing a marked interest in people and wandering away from their mother to investigate the humans around them before excessive exposure occurred. Due to their interest and aptitude, we began to train them to work as Ambassadors, which meant spending a lot more time with people and less time in the enclosure. This allowed both Flurry and Frost to avoid any nerve damage from the Cryptoccus.

Flurry’s interest in humans continued to grow over time, and he quickly became our best Ambassador. He was comfortable meeting people, and would occasionally give a rare kiss to someone he met. He travelled to many schools and outreach events, and even met some stars! He has been to the premiere parties of the series Game of Thrones and met author George R. R. Martin, actors Mayzie Williams, Taylor Lautner, and comedian Nick Swardson.



Flurry was unusually social for a wolf. He enjoyed being pet, meeting new people, and his Ambassador work in general. He was also quite the dramatic fellow; insisting on having things his way, or else he would protest for eternity!


Buckle in, because Flurry’s relationship history is quite the rollercoaster! Flurry first lived with his brother, Frost, and a female high-content wolfdog named Sassy. Sassy was removed due to a scuffle, and Frost tragically passed away from a genetic heart condition. Flurry then moved in with an older female named Shakti. She passed soon after, but Flurry then found his match with another rescue named Ally. They got along well until Ally joined the Big Pack in the Sky on January 29th, 2018. Flurry then had a brief companion in Naia, before her puppy energy proved too much for him. Lastly, he spent his retirement years with his sister, Alice.

Likes & Dislikes

Above all else, Flurry loved being the center of attention. He especially enjoyed making other rescues jealous. He was also our champion scent-roller, hilariously shoulder diving into both good and bad smells.

Flurry very much disliked when his Caretaker opted to visit with others before him, or even worse, took other rescues out for walks instead of him! Flurry would loudly voice his unhappiness until the other rescue was back in their enclosure, and Flurry felt his point had been made.

Fun Facts

Flurry was one of the few rescues who was born on site along with littermates, Teton, Shasta, Trinity, and Frost. Flurry spent much of his life as an Ambassador, meeting many people, including some of the cast of Game of Thrones! He once received a standing ovation at SI Yankees Baseball Stadium, and has been featured on TV and in Rolling Stone magazine.

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  1. Nikki Peterson

    Loved Flurry!

  2. Christina L Morrison

    I remember my son was but a pup himself and was in the tent as we were camping. He woke up from the nap just as Flurry and Krystal his caretaker at the time was walking him he ran straight to the tent I opened it and he gave my son the biggest kisses I’ve ever seen and it made my son smile. He will always be my husband’s favorite wolf. He swears that Flurry was his spirit guide meant to meet.


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