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Female High-Content Wolfdog
Ally joined the Big Pack in the Sky on January 29th, 2019.
She passed at 9 years old due to unknown causes.

Ally was born on June 28th, 2009, and arrived at Wild Spirit in July of 2010. Her story started in Alaska, where she was bred to be sold as someone’s pet. Selling and breeding wolves and wolfdogs is illegal in the state, but the breeder always found ways to circumvent the law.

In time, Ally was sold to an owner, but she had a knack for escape and ran away shortly after she arrived! Fish and Game later captured her and planned to euthanize her. Luckily, two people who were working against the breeders in Alaska, Karen and Linda, stepped in.

Karen and Linda compromised with Fish and Game to let Ally live, which Fish and Game agreed to as long as they could find Ally a permanent home outside of the state. While Ally lived in Linda’s backyard with her two dogs, the women contacted us to see if we could fly to Alaska and rescue Ally. Due to the desperation of the situation, and the availability of male companions, we agreed. Although the flight was long and the trip was gruelling, Ally made it safely to the sanctuary.

Ally lived a happy life with her companion, Flurry. Her passing was a tragic reminder that we don’t always get answers, and sometimes death can happen so suddenly. One moment she was doing her usual happy dance for breakfast, and the next she was gone. The unfortunate reality of being a non-profit and non-government funded organization is that we do not always have the funds to conduct a necropsy, especially on animals who have no known kin at the sanctuary (i.e. the results would only be for closure, as opposed to offering insight on any health dispositions in the animal’s lineage).

We are thankful that Ally did not have to endure any lengthy illness, or traumatic vet visits, instead passing peacefully in the company of her life-long companion, Flurry.


Ally was usually shy, but had her moments of bravery, especially with Caretakers she was comfortable with. She was intensely curious about happenings inside her enclosure and would investigate Caretakers and toys alike. She liked to sneak up on her Caretakers, promptly nipping their butt and running away.


Ally lived with her life-long companion, Flurry. The two did absolutely everything together, from play, to resting to eating.

Likes & Dislikes

Ally loved to fence-fight, and various treats and breakfast items.

Ally disliked when Flurry‘s play went too far, as well as fasting days.

Fun Facts

Our rescues have a habit of meeting celebrities from all around the world! In Ally’s case, she actually met Caesar Milan and his staff prior to coming to the sanctuary!

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