Male Low-Content Wolfdog
Greebo joined the Big Pack in the Sky on December 16th, 2009.
He was assisted at 15 years old due to loss of mobility.

Greebo was born in 1994 and arrived at Wild Spirit in August of 1997, along with his companion, Hooter. Greebo and Hooter lived in Virginia with a loving owner, who had bottle-raised both of them. They two were labelled as low-content wolfdogs, but were likely just pure dogs.

One sad day, Greebo and Hooter happened to be in their backyard and the landlady’s cat had entered with them (usually the cat and the pair were kept far separated). Unfortunately, the cat was not swift enough to slip away, and the resulting incident set in motion Greebo and Hooter’s troubles. The landlady, distressed, gave their owner five days to find a place for them, or else she would have them euthanized.

After exhausting all options, their owner called us and offered to pay for a small enclosure at the sanctuary to board the pair temporarily. It was an unusual arrangement for Wild Spirit, as our limited space requires us to prioritize offering rescues a permanent sanctuary, and it takes a lot of money to care for these animals. However, an exception was made due to the availability of an enclosure and the pair’s desperate situation.

We agreed to take them, and with that, their owner brought them to Wild Spirit in the back of her car. Originally, Greebo and Hooter were only meant to stay while their owner found a new location for herself and the two animals. Unfortunately, she never returned, and so Hooter and Greebo became permanent residents of Wild Spirit.

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Greebo was a lovable boy that was the happiest when someone was giving him scratches or taking him out for a walk. He frequently would push his long-time companion, Hooter, out of the way so he could receive more attention. Greebo had a frisky side, and when younger, would sometimes harass brand new volunteers. He had a huge appetite for both life and food.


Greebo lived with his life-long companion, Hooter, until her passing in 2008. Greebo passed away shortly after.

Likes & Dislikes

Greebo liked fence-fighting, playing chase, and going out for walks.

Greebo disliked being out-witted by staff or Hooter, being told “no”, and Hooter getting more attention.

Fun Facts

Greebo was a little Houdini, and more driven than most rescues! His desire for walks taught him that if he simply learned how to lift the latch to the sub-enclosure and protest inside, he could get his way. This is usually where the game “out-wit the Greebo” came into play! He taught many a Caretaker the important lesson of dummy-locking the sub-enclosure gate to foil his plans.

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