BIO ~ Nimoy is a neutered male mid-content wolf-dog. We welcomed him to WSWS in April 2007 when he was around one year old.

PERSONALITY ~ Nimoy is one of our most out-going rescues! He loves getting attention from his caretakers and usually greets people right at the door to his habitat. He can get a little carried away in his excitement, so it’s important not to get him too wound up! He is extremely playful and loved to run around and wrestle with his habitat-mate, Rain.

RELATIONSHIP ~ Nimoy lived with female mid-content wolf-dog Rain. When he first arrived at WSWS, we introduced him to Powder Pack, which included Powder, Sugar, Sabine, and Dakota. Unfortunately, less than a year later, Nimoy was kicked out of the pack. Luckily, he and Rain were a match made in heaven until she joined the Big Pack in the Sky in March of 2019.  Nimoy now lives with fellow senior, Goldie.

LIKES ~ Nimoy loves going out on walks and showing off in front of all the other rescues. He really likes new scents, and if his caretaker has anything unusual on their clothes or in their bucket, he’ll explore that new scent for as long as she lets him.

DISLIKES ~ Nimoy did not like when Rain was actually interested in sharing their caretakers’ attention, and he would push her out of the way. He also does not like most men – he’s definitely a ladies man!

FUN FACTS ~ When Nimoy first came to WSWS, his name was Lakota. But we already had a Lakota, a Dakota, and a Nakota! For the sake of our sanity, and because Nimoy was so young, we opted to rename him. During his awkward preteen state, we joked that his ears reminded us of Spock from Star Trek. So he was dubbed “Nimoy”, after Leonard Nimoy, the actor who plays Spock.

WISH LIST ~ Nimoy was diagnosed with an eye condition called Pannus in 2015. He gets eye drops in both eyes twice a day to keep him comfortable. He’d love some help with our vet bills to ensure he never goes without his medication!

NIMOY’S HISTORY ~ Nimoy came to Wild Spirit in April of 2007 after a very rocky first year of life. He was rescued by a loving couple, David and Loretta, who never gave up on him. Remarkably, the couple had been both Nimoy’s second and fifth home! While little is known about Nimoy’s early history, we believe he was purchased by his first owners from a breeder in Oregon. When his first home did not work out, David and Loretta rescued him and attempted to place him in what they thought would be a good home.

Apparently, Nimoy escaped his new home the first day he was there. The poor pup then survived alone on the streets for the next three months! When David and Loretta learned of Nimoy’s fate they once again stepped up to rescue him. A concerned woman in the neighborhood was finally able to lure little Nimoy into her home, after which Loretta picked him up and took him right to the vet. She had him micro-chipped, neutered, and fully vaccinated. David was in the middle of a transfer to Colorado for work, and the couple had never planned on adding a high-maintenance wolf-dog to their family. Although they loved Nimoy, they knew the best thing they could do for him was find him a safe and permanent place to grow up.

They called Wild Spirit, and we were able to accept Nimoy. Because canines are extremely social animals, it’s important for our rescues to live with others of their own kind. When Nimoy first arrived at Wild Spirit, we introduced him to a few of our rescues. Finally, we settled him in with Powder Pack, a pack made up of Powder, Sugar, Sabine, and Dakota, all of whom were just about the same age as Nimoy. Although they lived peacefully together for several months, it wasn’t meant to be. Less than a year later, the other four rescues attacked Nimoy, effectively removing him from the pack. He spent two months recuperating from his injuries and wreaking havoc in our Animal Care office! Once he was fully recovered, we introduced him to sweet, mid-content wolf-dog Rain, and they lived happily ever after until she joined the Big Pack in the Sky in March of 2019.