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Female Mid-Content Wolfdog
Rain joined the Big Pack in the Sky on March 7th, 2019.
She was assisted at 14 years old due to cancer.

Rain was born on January 31st, 2005 and arrived at Wild Spirit in March of 2006. She was purchased by a young woman who was eager to own a wolfdog, even though her mother was very much against the idea.

For the first year, Rain and the daughter were pretty content. When the owner moved to California, though, the living arrangements were not set-up for Rain, and the daughter found that it was illegal to have wolfdogs where she was now living.

The owner’s mother called to see if we would be able to take the wolfdog, and since we had an animal named Ashlar who had just lost his father, we decided to see if the two would fit together. Ashlar passed away a year after Rain arrived, but she was able to find a new companion soon after.



Rain was a very playful girl! She liked to wrestle with Nimoy in the enclosure and would race staff that run between the corridor of her enclosure. She was very affectionate towards Caretakers she was familiar with, but tended to act shy around new people and large men. She was not the bravest, and would usually hide when there were signs of trouble.


Rain first lived with a wolfdog named Ashlar. He then moved in with a young fellow, Nimoy, who she happily spent the rest of her life with.

Likes & Dislikes

Rain liked her playmate Nimoy, inner thigh rubs, and playing with Caretakers.

Rain was not a fan of new Caretakers, activity around her enclosure, and the wind blowing too hard when she tried to eat (she’ll spook).

Fun Facts

Rain was part of the “Missing Ear” club, due to an incident with her neighbors, Yukon and Sierra, who managed to take a nibble through the fightwire.

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