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Female Australian Dingo
Kooyong joined the Big Pack in the Sky on September 18th, 2018.
She passed at 9 years old due to unknown causes.

Kooyong was born in April of 2009, and arrived at Wild Spirit with her family in April of 2013. Kooyong and her companion, Buckley, were part of a breeding program overseen by the Dingo Discovery and Research Center in Australia, which has been an official conservation organization since 2007. The Centre finds zoos and sanctuaries outside of Australia that are willing to care for a breeding pair of dingoes and their offspring to help ensure that the species survives.

Occasionally, a breeding pair goes to a private home instead of a facility, as was the case for Kooyong and Buckley who went to live with a husband and wife in Florida. The couple gave their dingoes great care and eventually Kooyong had a litter of six pups while in their care! Unfortunately, while the dingoes were well cared for, the human family went through a rough patch. The husband tried to sell Kooyong’s pups and quickly found out that it was illegal. He then left his family, taking all their funds and leaving the dingoes.

Soon after, Buckley and his sons had a terrible fight that resulted in Buckley being euthanized due to devastating injuries. With tremendous sadness, the woman decided the remaining dingoes needed placement in new homes. Two of Kooyong’s pups found a home at a zoo, and the rest of the family came to be with us here at Wild Spirit.

Thus, Kooyong and three of her pups, Aussie, Glacier and Uluru joined the Wild Spirit family. They quickly became favorites among the staff and tour guests, mostly due to Kooyong’s social nature.



Kooyong was our most social dingo! She loved affection from her Caretakers, and offered a lot of guidance and confidence to her three boys. Everyone who entered her habitat was expected to provide pets, and though she was a gentle mother, she would happily shove her pups out of the way to be the center of attention!


Kooyong spent her life with her three pups, Aussie, Uluru and Glacier. They were a happy family that very rarely disagreed when she was present.

Likes & Dislikes

Kooyong liked when humans visited her enclosure, and snuggling up with her pups.

Kooyong disliked her kiddos trying to take her food. She usually gave them a verbal lashing in return.

Fun Facts

There are three types of dingo: desert, alpine and northern. Kooyong was an alpine dingo, which is the only type that is endangered!

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