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Male Australian Dingo
Glacier - Australian Dingo
Glacier joined the Big Pack in the Sky on April 17th, 2024.
He was assisted at 12 years old due to mobility concerns caused by intervertebral disc disease.

The story our our Australian dingoes, Aussie, Glacier, and Uluru actually begins with their parents, Kooyong and Buckley, who were part of a breeding program overseen by the Dingo Discovery and Research Center in Australia, which has been an official conservation organization since 2007. The Centre finds zoos and sanctuaries outside of Australia that are willing to care for a breeding pair of dingoes and their offspring to help ensure that the species survives.

Occasionally, a breeding pair goes to a private home instead of a facility, as was the case for Kooyong and Buckley who went to live with a husband and wife in Florida. The couple gave their dingoes great care and eventually Kooyong had a litter of six pups while in their care! Unfortunately, while the dingoes were well cared for, the human family went through a rough patch. The husband tried to sell Kooyong’s pups and quickly found out that it was illegal. He then left his family, taking all their funds and leaving the dingoes.

Soon after, Buckley and his sons had a terrible fight that resulted in Buckley being euthanized due to devastating injuries. With tremendous sadness, the woman decided the remaining dingoes needed placement in new homes. Two of Kooyong’s pups found a home at a zoo, and the rest of the family came to be with us here at Wild Spirit.

Glacier was the last of his family pass, surviving his mother and brothers. His last brother, Uluru, passed away just four months before him, and Glacier’s condition continued to worsen with him gone. With a grand send off, Glacier left this world surrounded by his loved ones.


Glacier was an incredibly charismatic fellow, who loved soaking up the attention of the humans around him. He undoubtedly learned this from his mother, Kooyong. Unlike his siblings, Aussie and Uluru, Glacier was a little mama’s boy who was always mere steps away from her side. He loved to steal Aussie’s sticks and toys, only to hide behind Kooyong for support. Following her passing, Glacier remained exactly the same: a little attention hog who was the first to explore new things and people. 


Glacier spent his entire life with his family: Kooyong, Aussie and Uluru. When Kooyong passed, the three brothers were a staple of the sanctuary for many years. The three brothers passed within a year of one another, first Aussie on April 29th of 2023, then Uluru on December 26th of 2023, and lastly Glacier on April 17th of 2024 . . . which was the exact day that the entire family arrived at Wild Spirit over 10 years ago.

Likes & Dislikes

Glacier absolutely loved peanut butter, exploring enrichments, as well as his departed mama Kooyong.

Glacier disliked waiting for his meal, as well as being shifted indoors during the winter. True to his name, Glacier believed he should remain outside in -30 degrees F . . . We respectfully disagreed.

Fun Facts

Dingoes are not exactly known for being vocal animals . . . In fact, most of our dingoes barely ever spoke a word. Glacier, however, was an incredibly talkative dingo! If there was ever anything he wanted, or disliked, we would hear about it . . . relentlessly.

This was especially true when it came to receiving his breakfast. His vocalizations were so iconic that some of our staff members have a tattoo of his soundwaves on their body!

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