Uluru - Australian Dingo
Uluru is an Australian dingo. He is 11 years old and his birthday is June 19th, 2011.
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Uluru - Australian Dingo

Quick Bio

Uluru is a neutered male Australian dingo who was born in 2012. He came to Wild Spirit in the spring of 2013.

Uluru and Glacier


Uluru is a curious boy who likes most people. It may take him some time to find the confidence to approach, but he loves to give kisses and get human attention. He had a very loving relationship with his mom, Kooyong, and he is very close with Aussie, but he has some tension with his other brother, Glacier.


Uluru lives with his two brothers, Glacier, and Aussie. They are on the tour path and usually come to the fence line to greet guests. Their mom, Kooyong passed away in 2019,

Fun Facts

Uluru has quite the mischevious side to him! Just when we think we have figured him out, he will do something completely unexpected. He likes to sneak up on his caretakers and startle them with an occasional kiss. He proudly runs run away with a smile.

Sponsorship Details

Uluru has only 7 sponsors!

Likes & Dislikes

Uluru likes his brother, Aussie, and people that he knows well. He also enjoys being visited by humans, when the opportunity presents itself.

Uluru dislikes when his brother, Glacier, pushes him around. He also doesn’t like game meat or anything out of the ordinary when it comes to his food.

Uluru - Australian Dingo

Uluru‘s History

The story of our Australian dingoes, Aussie, Glacier, and Uluru actually begins with their parents, Kooyong and Buckley, who were part of a breeding program overseen by the Dingo Discovery and Research Center in Australia, which has been an official conservation organization since 2007. The Centre finds zoos and sanctuaries outside of Australia that are willing to care for a breeding pair of dingoes and their offspring to help ensure that the species survives.

Occasionally, a breeding pair goes to a private home instead of a facility, as was the case for Kooyong and Buckley who went to live with a husband and wife in Florida. The couple gave their dingoes great care and eventually Kooyong had a litter of six pups while in their care! Unfortunately, while the dingoes were well cared for, the human family went through a rough patch. The husband tried to sell Kooyong’s pups and quickly found out that it was illegal. He then left his family, taking all their funds and leaving the dingoes.

Soon after, Buckley and his sons had a terrible fight that resulted in Buckley being euthanized due to devastating injuries. With tremendous sadness, the woman decided the remaining dingoes needed placement in new homes. Two of Kooyong’s pups found a home at a zoo, and the rest of the family came to be with us here at Wild Spirit.

Sadly, Kooyong passed away many years after their arrival, but the three boys still remain and have come to know Wild Spirit as their home and safe space. While Aussie is the shyest and most reserved of the brothers, and Glacier is the most confident, Uluru falls somewhere in between. He is usually not far behind Glacier when it comes to meeting new people or checking out fun new enrichment items, and he seems to give Aussie the confidence to check things out as well!


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