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Female Coyote
She is roughly 12 years old and her birthday is around February, 2012.

She is NOT on the Tour Path.

Each year hundreds of baby coyotes are robbed from their dens for any number of reasons: to be raised as pets, used as bait for hunting dogs, or even grown to maturity for their pelts. We guess that Yuni was one of these unfortunate wild pups who, at about 2-years-old, was taken to an auction to be sold. Thankfully, a kind woman attending the auction was moved to bid on Yuni in order to save her from a grizzly fate, electing to contact Wild Spirit for placement almost immediately.

The woman kept Yuni safe in a large rabbit hutch until we could come to get her. During that time, Yuni began to trust her caretaker, to the point that she was able to be leash-trained for daily walks! When the Wild Spirit team was finally able to bring her home, Yuni was overjoyed to be released into her spacious new enclosure, complete with a large above-ground cave house and other naturalist features. Two years later, when we learned of a young male coyote named Maine who also needed rescue, we hoped he and Yuni would be friends and made the decision to take him in. The two have been inseparable ever since.

Yuni will live the rest of her life with us, right next door to fellow coyote rescues, Lyla Rose and Jasa. Very sadly, we can never replace the wild life that was stolen from her when she was taken as a puppy, but we can give her the best of care for the rest of her life, share her story, and remind everyone that animals taken from the wild are not meant to be pets.


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