Yuni - Coyote
Yuni is a coyote. She is roughly 11 years old and her birthday is around February, 2012.
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Yuni - Coyote

Quick Bio

Yuni is a spayed female coyote. We rescued her at the end of January in 2017 when she was around 2 years old.

Yuni and Maine


Yuni is a sassy little coyote! She is our most confident coyote and has been able to build relationships with many caretakers. She also has a lot of things to say and she will yell at the top of her lungs while the wolves are howling!


Yuni lives with a neutered coyote named Maine. They were separated for a time after she began bullying him. Their habitats shared a fence line, and Yuni began acting like she wanted to be reunited. They went on several “dates” during Yuni’s enrichment walks and it was clear they wanted to give their friendship another try.

Fun Facts

Yuni is our only coyote social enough to go out for walks! When she briefly lived with her rescuer, Yuni learned to walk on a harness and leash. She can’t walk with just anyone, though. Yuni needs to trust her handler, and they must be very experienced to work with Yuni!

Sponsorship Details

Yuni has only 7 sponsors!

Likes & Dislikes

Yuni likes singing along with the whole Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary pack, treats and food of all kinds, and getting attention from her favorite caretakers!

Yuni dislikes being forced to interact with people she isn’t close to. Yuni’s not a huge fan of her neighbor, Lyla.

Yuni - Coyote

Yuni‘s History

Each year hundreds of baby coyotes are robbed from their dens and then raised to maturity solely for the purpose of being bait for hunting dogs to tear to pieces in the name of sport. We guess that Yuni was one of these unfortunate wild pups. At about two-years-old, the sweet coyote was then taken to an auction on to be sold to a fur farm or sold as bait. Thankfully, a brave angel named Erin Hagan was at the auction. She was moved to bid on Yuni and saved her life.

Erin kept Yuni safe in a large rabbit hutch until we could come to get her. Yuni began to trust Erin and even let her rescuer take her for leashed walks! She was very happy to be released into her spacious habitat at Wild Spirit after she recovered from being spayed. Now, Yuni has a large above ground cave den and enjoys all the pampering of Sanctuary life. When we heard of a young male coyote who also needed rescue, we hoped he and Yuni would be friends. Thankfully, they are getting along well!

Yuni will live the rest of her life with us, right next door to fellow coyote rescues, Lyla Rose and Jasa. Very sadly, we can never replace the wild life that was stolen from her when she was taken as a puppy, but we can give her the best of care for the rest of her life, share her story and remind everyone that Wild Animals Are Not Pets.


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