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Lyla Rose
Female Coyote
Lyla Rose joined the Big Pack in the Sky on December 12th, 2023.
She was assisted at 14 years old due to advanced kidney failure.

Lyla Rose, like the rest of our coyotes, is one of the few Wild Spirit rescues that was born in the wild rather than captivity. Sadly, her entire life would be altered just days after her birth when a family stumbled upon her during a hike in the woods. With her unique blond coat and eyes still unopened, the family thought she was a domestic dog that had been abandoned, so they opted to take her home. But as their precious ball of fur began to grow, they soon realized their new petwas far from Man’s Best Friend.

When they realized the mistake they’d made, the family made the loving choice to find a better home for Lyla Rose and contacted the Indiana Coyote Rescue Center (ICRC) to see if they could take her. The rescue agreed and because Indiana laws mandated that Lyla could not be re-released to the wild as a result of being raised by humans, the intention was that she would remain with them for life.

While living at ICRC, Lyla grew attached to a male volunteer that came once a week to spend several hours with her, but otherwise she wasn’t very fond of humans. Sadly, even though Lyla had been around people for as long as she could remember, she began showing aggressive behaviors towards her female Caretakers after she turned two years old. As such, when ICRC found themselves in need of more space for future rescues, Wild Spirit offered to take in some of their life-long residents including Lyla Rose and her life-long companion Jasa.

Throughout her years at Wild Spirit, Lyla has mostly preferred the company of her companion to that of humans. Despite being a hands-off animal by choice, we fell in love with her unique coloration and spirited personality, and were grateful to provide her with a forever home.


Lyla Rose was an odd individual; the more she loved you, the more she tried to eat you! That’s right, this rascal only chose to bond with a few Caretakers over her years at Wild Spirit, but when she did, she was did her best to give some “chomps of affection”. However, the majority of Caretakers were only allowed to admire her from afar (thankfully so), as she spent her days relaxing and her nights yipping. 


Lyla Rose arrived at Wild Spirit with her life-long companion, Jasa.  The two were a wonderful couple that never had so much as a single scuffle over their many years together.

Likes & Dislikes

Lyla liked sunbathing, relaxing in her cave house, and fighting rattlesnakes.

Lyla disliked being disturbed in his cave, and her coyote neighbor, Yuni.

Fun Facts

Lyla Rose had a secret passion . . . jumping on her trampoline! In her youth, she once had a trampoline that remained in her enclosure. Every morning there would be paw prints slapped onto the surface from her nightly exercise routine (that is, until she got too old to enjoy the activity).

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