Lyla Rose

Lyla Rose - Coyote
Lyla Rose is a coyote. She is 12 years old and her birthday is April 11th, 2009.
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Quick Bio

Lyla Rose is a spayed female coyote who was born in 2009. She came to live at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in May of 2014.

Lyla Rose - Coyote


Lyla Rose is a little fireball! She has had relationships with people in the past, but at this time, we keep a respectful distance. She is often wary of people, especially tours, but she can be a bit too curious for our taste at times! Lyla Rose loves Jasa but doesn’t hesitate to remind him who’s boss.


Lyla Rose lives with a male coyote named Jasa. They were brought to the Indiana Coyote Rescue Center separately as very young pups and have spent their lives together. His vasectomy prevents them from becoming parents.

Fun Facts

Coyotes can be several different colors, but Lyla Rose is fairly unique. According to the staff at the Indiana Coyote Rescue Center, Lyla Rose is “blonde phase,” the proper term for her light gold coloring. None of our other coyotes look like her!

Sponsorship Details

Lyla Rose has only 6 sponsors!

Likes & Dislikes

Surprisingly, Lyla Rose loves jazz and blues music! She loves when we bring a boom box to her habitat and play her some tunes. She also very much enjoys fence fighting with her neighbor, Yuni, and putting her in her place.

Lyla Rose doesn’t like new people; she will sit at the back of her habitat and wait for the group of strangers to move on.

Lyla Rose - Coyote

Lyla Rose‘s History

Our beautiful little fireball has a story like many other wild rescues. While walking in the of woods of Indiana one day, a family came across a newborn coyote who was so young, her eyes hadn’t even opened. The family thought she was a domestic dog and took her home to be their pet. A few weeks later, they realized that they had rescued a baby coyote.

When they realized the mistake they’d made, the family made the loving choice to find a better place for Lyla Rose. They contacted Indiana Coyote Rescue Center (ICRC) in the summer of 2009. Indiana laws mandated that Lyla could not be re-released to the wild because she had been raised by humans. She would not have any fear of them and it could be potentially dangerous for her and perhaps humans she might meet. So she remained at the ICRC, seemingly for life.

Even though Lyla had been around people as long as she could remember, she started showing aggressive behavior towards her female caretakers after she turned two years old. She became fond of one male volunteer that came once a week to spend several hours with her. In addition to spending time with that volunteer, she enjoyed toys that make music and a music player set outside of her enclosure. Apparently, she’s a fan of the blues! When ICRC found themselves in need of more free space for rescues, Wild Spirit offered to take in some of their life-long residents. Lyla Rose, her habitat-mate Jasa, and an older female coyote named Angel moved to Wild Spirit in the spring of 2014. After Angel passed, we rescued coyotes Yuni and Maine, who are now Lyla and Jasa’s neighbors.

Lyla fiercely defends her habitat at Wild Spirit. With people she knows and is not fearful of, she will charge the fence and try to keep them out of her space! With strangers, she hangs back, doing her best to stay out of sight. We still have hopes that she may build a positive relationship with a caretaker, and whenever possible, we assign male volunteers to take care of her and her habitat. However, until that happens, Lyla Rose goes into her sub-enclosure while we clean her habitat so that the humans can feel comfortable and Lyla doesn’t feel threatened (it means Jasa can finally get a little attention, too!). We’ve fallen in love with Lyla Rose’s pretty face and tough-girl attitude, and we know others will, too. All she needs now is a few more sponsors and her own blues band!


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