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Princess Arctic
Female Wolf
Princess Arctic joined the Big Pack in the Sky in July of 2008.
She passed at 15 years old due to unknown causes.

Princess was an Arctic-Timber wolf born in 1993, and arrived at Wild Spirit in 2007, along with her young, Tatanka and Geronimo, and Duchess.The group originally came to the sanctuary when a staff member was hired on, and needed a home for them. The owner had bred Princess and bottle-raised Duchess and Geronimo.

The four wolves were very well socialized early-on and even acted as Ambassadors for Wolves and Wildlife in Northern California, and the California Wolf Center. Unfortunately, their socialization was inconsistent, making Duchess a very timid animal as time went on.

When they arrived at Wild Spirit, the two boys were taken to be neutered, and unfortunately, Tatanka never woke up from anesthesia. From that point on, Geronimo and Duchess were placed in an enclosure beside their mother, Princess, who was then alone until we could find her a companion. After the owner left Wild Spirit, the animals moved onto the tour path where they could receive more attention.

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Princess was an unpredictable girl; one moment she was very sweet, the next, she was lunging at the fence! However, most of the time, she was friendly. When in the mood, she wanted attention from her Caretakers and was especially affectionate towards women. Food was one thing that made her mood turn quickly, for she was very food aggressive and despised anyone around when she ate.


Princess was living by herself until her new “trophy husband” appeared – Axel. Although there was something of an age difference, the two made a stunning couple.

Likes & Dislikes

Princess liked anything food related and women.

Princess absolutely hated contained situations, and would sometimes turn aggressive if she found herself in one.

Fun Facts

Princess was housed separately from her young, not because they were a risk to her . . . but because she was a risk to them! When food entered the equation, this old lady became a force to be reckoned with.

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