Male Wolf
Geronimo joined the Big Pack in the Sky on March 30th, 2010.
He passed at 12 years old due to tumor in the neck or brain.

Geronimo was an Arctic-Timber wolf born on April 21st, 1998, and arrived at Wild Spirit in 2007, along with his brother, Tatanka, sister, Duchess, and mother, Princess.The group originally came to the sanctuary when a staff member was hired on, and needed a home for them. The owner had bred Princess and bottle-raised Duchess and Geronimo.

The four wolves were very well socialized early-on and even acted as Ambassadors for Wolves and Wildlife in Northern California, and the California Wolf Center. Unfortunately, their socialization was inconsistent, making Geronimo a nervous animal as time went on.

When they arrived at Wild Spirit, the two boys were taken to be neutered, and unfortunately, Tatanka never woke up from anesthesia. From that point on, Geronimo and Duchess were placed in an enclosure beside their mother, Princess, who was then alone. After the owner left Wild Spirit, the animals moved onto the tour path where they could receive more attention.



Geronimo had the reputation for being a tough character at the sanctuary ever since his owner left. After being moved onto the tour path, he seemed to have mellowed out a good bit and became more sociable. He enjoyed scratches through the fence but had a history of setting hard boundaries with Caretakers. He loved his sister dearly, but sometimes got annoyed by her constant neediness.


Geronimo lived with his sister, Duchess, for his entire life!

Please enjoy the only photo we could find of the two of them together.

Likes & Dislikes

Geronimo liked catching ravens and meaty bone enrichments.

Geronimo disliked intruders in his territory and other animals around his enclosure (namely cats, which sometimes visit the sanctuary).

Fun Facts

When Geronimo was younger, he acted as an Ambassador and met several people that he held a close bond to. By far, he was the most connected with Susan Kline, a woman who knew Geronimo when he was a pup. Although Geronimo hated it when Caretakers entered his enclosure, if Susan Kline came over to visit, he would instantly revert back to a puppy and roll over for belly rubs!

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