Angel Coyote
Female Coyote
Angel Coyote
Angel Coyote joined the Big Pack in the Sky on November 3rd, 2015.
She passed at ~10 years old due to unknown causes.

Angel’s exact date of birth is unknown, but believed to be in 2005. She arrived at WIld Spirit in 2014 after being bouncing around from home to sanctuary. Angel was brought to ICRC (Indiana Coyote Rescue Center) by a conservation officer in the summer of 2010 following her confiscation from someone keeping her as a “pet”–chained in their back yard for five years. She arrived in a small kennel, scared and still attached to that chain. ICRC decided at that point, to give her a permanent home.

ICRC was able to remove the chain but, unfortunately, her collar was embedded in her skin. A Veterinarian provided comfort and successfully removed the collar while Angel was under anesthesia. Her fur took 2 years to completely cover the bald areas from the embedded collar.

It was also noticed, when Angel arrived at ICRC, that she had a large knob on her left ankle. It was determined that she had likely had a break on that bone early in her life that had gone untreated and calcified as a result. Unable to do anything at that point about it without causing undue stress to Angel, it was decided to just keep a watch on it to make sure it didn’t grow and cause discomfort.

Angel took several months to adjust to her new surroundings, namely to get over her mistrust of people trying to touch her and be within close distance inside her enclosure. After those initial months, she bonded to the late founder of ICRC, as well as the coyote placed next to her enclosure.

Angel became fond of the new stuffed toys she received every week, her stuffed kongs, and the individual snowmen filled with treats she got every week during the winter seasons she stayed at ICRC. She took a bit longer, however, to get her pallet used to freezer and deer meat. Her previous “owner” had fed her a steady diet of dog food for 5 years, so she refused the meat until it was slowly mixed in with kibble, slowly acclimating her to a new diet (which took nearly 6 months).

At ICRC, Angel spent the majority of her day interacting with the coyote next to her as well as enjoying the sprinkler in the summer, her ice treats, and howling with the rest of the coyotes at the facility.

In the winter of 2013, the coyote next to her passed away and she became less tolerant of the staff. She went through a few months of “mourning” where she would start howling every hour as well as losing interest in all of her toys. It took nearly 5 months for her to start acting more like herself and interested in her surroundings. She eventually became more playful with the staff at ICRC.

After the passing of ICRC’s founder , it was decided to find a new home for Angel due to a lack of space and ability to provide her with the running room and accessibility to environmental enrichment in the quantity that she needed. Through careful research, ICRC found Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary and after speaking with us, ICRC was confident that WSWS would make a fantastic new home for Angel.

Angel Coyote


Angel was a sweet and passive gal, but showed lots of excitement and confidence during feeding time! She used to approach with a little hop in her step, eager for a meal. The rest of the day was mostly spent relaxing, or interacting with enrichments.


Angel lived by herself at Wild Spirit, as she did at her previous facility. She did have two coyote neighbors, Jasa and Lyla Rose, but she was not interested in their company.

Likes & Dislikes

Angel liked relaxing near the front of her cave house when she was not enriching herself by fence fighting with her next door neighbor, Lyla.

Angel disliked a lot of commotion around her habitat. She preferred a calm environment, and would make her demands known with chuffs and yips.

Fun Facts

Angel loved food so much that this shy coyote once jumped up on a Caretaker’s shoulder during meal time, like a 40lb parrot with teeth!

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