Yue is a low-content wolfdog. She is roughly 3 years old and her birthday is around March, 2018.
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Yue arrived with the rest of her family — dad Denahi, and mom, Aleu — on February 25th, 2021. The “Ohio Trio”, as we unofficially call them, lives in one of our most beautifully natural habitats and they are adjusting well to their new surroundings and neighbors. The photo above is pretty much exactly who she is when people are around! She makes such a fuss!

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Yue‘s History

In January of 2021, Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary received an intake request for a family of wolfdogs that were living as privately owned pets in Ohio. Unlike many of the rescues at Wild Spirit, the Ohio Pack were well loved and cared for by their owners, who had actually rescued the animals themselves approximately 4 years prior. Unfortunately, after years of marriage the couple decided to separate, leaving the Pack in need of a new forever home.

After placement with a Colorado-based rescue fell through due to zoning issues, Wild Spirit was contacted for assistance. Thankfully one of our largest and most naturalistic enclosures had just been opened up, providing us with the perfect space for a family of three!