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Female High-Content Wolfdog
Silva joined the Big Pack in the Sky on September 16th, 2017.
She was assisted at ~14 years old due to quality of life concerns.

Silva is one of our mystery animals! Her exact year of birth is unknown, but estimated to be around 2002. She arrived at Wild Spirit in November of 2010, from Washington State. Silva was one of five high-content wolfdogs that were living in a desperate situation and required immediate rescue.

Their owner was taken to a rehab facility, and was given a court-appointed guardian who was trying to find placement for the animals. Meanwhile, those animals were left unattended on property with only a part-time Caretaker visiting for feeding a few days a week.

Within days of being left alone, all five wolfdogs escaped their poorly constructed enclosures. It was at this time that Wild Spirit was contacted to assist with capturing and rescuing the animals.

We travelled to Washington, and met up with the wolfdogs’ Caretaker to see if we could reclaim the five animals and bring them to Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. Out of the five, only Silva was recaptured, despite our best efforts. At a young age, Silva had one of her front legs amputated, which enabled us to save her life. No word was ever received of the other four, but many people feared the worst had happened.

Avoiding a tragic fate, Silva arrived safely at Sanctuary after a long flight to New Mexico.



Silva was one of our shyest animals at the sanctuary, but she warmed up to a few people over the years. She was becoming comfortable around people more and more as she aged, approaching and offering the odd greeting. She definitely had a playful side that some of her companions were not too fond of. They had to learn quickly that when she was in the mood to play, there was no escape!


Silva was first paired with a young male named Jaeger! He was able to handle her energy for awhile, but in time it began to wear him down. In the interest of finding her a more playful companion, we then paired her with Nakota, who had recently lost his life-long companion, Lani. Their relationship quickly blossomed, and we pleased to see both of them fill a void in their life that they once lost.

Likes & Dislikes

Silva loved hot dogs, playing with her companions, and investigating her Caretaker’s scent trails.

Silva disliked most people being inside her enclosure, large tours, and sudden movements. 

Fun Facts

Silva had her leg amputated when she was just a puppy. Stories conflict on what exactly happened, but it seems that she was born with a club foot. The veterinarian amputated it to spare her future problems.

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