Female Mid-Content Wolfdog
She is roughly 6 years old and her birthday is around January, 2018.

She is NOT on the Tour Path.
Prior to life at Wild Spirit, Motaki was a privately owned pet in Idaho, where she was greatly loved by her family. Unfortunately, one day the family’s young son stuck his arm into her enclosure and was bitten, and her owners were given 14 days to find sanctuary placement. Fortunately, Wild Spirit had the space to take Motaki, but with such a small window of time–and other high-priority events taking place at the sanctuary–we knew we would not be able to make the trip to Idaho to retrieve her in time. Thankfully, her family was willing to make the trip for us, so long as it meant her life would be saved. As such, they made the drive from Idaho to New Mexico just days following our first communication, and after 12 straight hours of driving, Motaki arrived on-site and was transferred to her new enclosure.

Since her arrival, Motaki is settling in beautifully. Despite her bite history, she has been shy and sweet-natured, and even allowed our staff to leash and hand-sedate her in order to be seen by our veterinarian for a routine physical, bloodwork, vaccines, and a spay surgery. While she’s not a fan of all of our Animal Caretakers, she has a select few that she trusts wholeheartedly, and they’ve been able to take her out for walks, give her tons of loving, and even help to bond with her new companion, high-content wolfdog Sevro!

We are so pleased to have our newest rescue join the pack, especially after learning she is the granddaughter of a former rescue, Oni, who she bears a striking resemblance to!


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