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Mika is a mid-content wolfdog. She is 11 years old and her birthday is April 10th, 2012.
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Quick Bio

Mika is still a bit apprehensive about her new home. She came to the sanctuary from Indiana with another wolfdog, Stigma, in December of 2020. When people are around she is on the move, so it’s tough to get photos!


The Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Team is still getting to know Mika who is currently quite shy and aloof around humans but has shown a soft interest in interacting with the animals that live next door to her. She enjoys the company of her new companion, Zeus, and is starting to warm up around her Keepers.


Before being taken in by Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, Mika was one of nearly 20 animals privately owned by a wolfdog breeder. As such, she was accustomed to living with a number of other wolfdogs of varying ages and contents. She has also raised a number of puppies, including two mentioned in her Fun Fact section! Now, Mika has moved in with rescue, Zeus, and the two are getting along quite well.

Fun Facts

While working at a previous wolf sanctuary in Texas, Wild Spirit’s Executive Director, Brittany McDonald, arranged for the rescue of two female wolfdogs both of which were Mika’s offspring!

Sponsorship Details

Mika has only 6 sponsors!

Likes & Dislikes

Mike loves to yell at her neighbors when they are being a bit too rowdy and playful.

Mika is quite shy and as such is not a huge fan of people, especially in large groups.

Mika‘s History

Mika was originally owned by a well-known wolfdog breeder in Indiana along with nearly 20 other animals. However, due to personal reasons, her owner decided to move to a different state in which wolfdog ownership is illegal. As a result, she was forced to find new homes for all of her animals. While many of her collection were highly sought-out due to their unique coloration or other desirable traits, some of the older or less social animals were unwanted.


  1. Diane "Miri" Cameron

    “Unwanted” Such a shameful thing to happen to such beautiful creatures. thank you for saving them. I am unable to donate; haven’t] had a job since May, but I’ve shared and hopefully that’ll help get the message out.

  2. Meka Horvath

    My name is Meka and I too am from Indiana and have relocated to New Mexico. Our family will donate as clearly Mika & I are kindred spirits!


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