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Male Mid-Content Wolfdog
He is roughly 4 years old and his birthday is around April, 2020.

He is NOT on the Tour Path.
In January of 2021, Wild Spirit was contacted by a fellow wolf sanctuary about a delicate situation involving a young mid-content wolfdog that had been in their care since he was a puppy, but needed to be relocated for his safety, and their organization’s. In essence, the facility was looking for a placement option that would be comfortable keeping the animal’s whereabouts private until a point in which all parties felt comfortable releasing his information. (Due to the still-delicate nature of this situation, we have elected not to share further specifics at this point in time.)

Interestingly, a few months prior, Wild Spirit had implemented a “Wolfdog Protection Program,” which was created to provide individuals with a discrete placement options for animals that may find themselves in harm’s way for any number of reasons. In accordance with this program, incoming rescues are given new names and in most cases, are not shared on our website or social media in order to keep their existence and location completely secret.

About a month before we received the call for this fellow, we had taken in a 9-month old female high-content wolfdog named Octavia, who was in desperate need of a companion, and we knew right away that this boy could be her perfect fit! And since he would require a new name upon intake, we settled on Lincoln: a reference to the book and Netflix series “The 100,” in which Lincoln and Octavia are one of the main couples.

Since his arrival, Lincoln has been one of the sweetest and most loving animals we have (and Octavia as well), making it difficult to keep his identity a secret, especially knowing how much our supporters would adore his unique personality. We’re so grateful that after a year and a half, he is finally making his grand debut! We can’t wait to begin sharing photos and videos of him and his fiery companion, and hope you’ll each come to love him as much as we do!


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