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Lazar Wolf
Male Mid-Content Wolfdog
He is roughly 12 years old and his birthday is around June, 2012.

He is NOT on the Tour Path.

In July of 2022, Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary was contacted by a private owner in Ohio who was going through a divorce and, as a result, was in need of placement for his 10-year-old mid-content wolfdog. At the time of this request, we were at max capacity with over 60 rescues in our care and didn’t have room for any new intakes.

However, about two months later, we ended up losing one of our senior rescues, Azteca, leaving behind the last of her siblings, 15-year-old Juno, who we knew would probably love a new companion after losing her sister.

With our next “perfect match” in mind, we made the trip from New Mexico to Ohio, where we were introduced to an incredibly sweet old man named Lazar Wolf (Lazar for short, named after a character from Fiddler on the Roof). We knew in an instant he would be the perfect fit for Juno.

Once Juno passed, Lazar was in need of a new companion. We knew finding him a new match would be a challenge, because Lazar struggled with “Pannus”, which is an immune-mediated condition that impacts the cornea of the eye. This left Lazar clinically blind prior to his arrival at the sanctuary, and though his condition was improved by oral medication and eye drops, it was clear he was still in pain and discomfort. As such, with advice from our vet, we made the decision to remove both eyes to alleviate further pain following recovery.

Though Lazar is a kind boy, we knew we needed to find an equally kind companion who would be patient and forgiving with him. Luckily, in early summer 2023, we rescued Amren as part of the Pennsylvania Six, who was exactly what Lazar needed! The two have been wonderful companions ever since! She has even been more than accommodating to Lazar’s lack of vision.


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