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Female Mid-Content Wolfdog
She is 11 years old and her birthday is March 4th, 2013.

She is NOT on the Tour Path.
Kiara came to live at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in December of 2021 along with her companion, Kovu, who had begun demonstrating a number of concerning behavioral changes toward the couple who owned him. Despite the fact that he was raised with an incredible amount of love and socialization, they explained that upon reaching sexual maturity, Kovu had become increasingly unpredictable in his behaviors, switching from sweet and loving to aggressive so frequently that they began to feel unsafe entering his enclosure.

For two years, Kovu’s owners waited to see if his behaviors would shift back to normal, wondering if the sudden changes might have something to do with sexual maturity and seasonal behavioral changes during the breeding season; unfortunately, over time, his aggressive behaviors persisted, so they made the difficult decision to re-home him to Wild Spirit. In addition, because he and Kiara were so closely bonded, they requested that we take her as well, allowing them to remain together for life. Naturally, we agreed and in December of 2021, we made the trip from New Mexico to Oklahoma to pick them up and bring them home.

Thankfully, the pick-up itself went off without a hitch, as Kiara is incredibly social and was able to be walked on leash to our rescue vehicle. And Kovu, having one of his “good days” (meaning he was feeling exceptionally loving and social), allowed us to hand-sedate him through the fence, making it safe and easy for him to be vetted prior to his transport.

Since arriving at Wild Spirit, both animals are settling in well and enjoy interacting with their neighbors through the fence. Kiara has become an instant fan favorite of our staff and interns, and Kovu is warming up slowly but surely!


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