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Male High-Content Wolfdog
Draco - High-content wolfdog
He is 9 years old and his birthday is April 20th, 2015.

He is NOT on the Tour Path.
When we first heard of Draco (formerly named “Koda”) he was living as a pet in Colorado. He was only 2 years old and although his owners loved him, his natural behaviors were becoming a problem for them. Like any wolf or high-content wolfdog, Draco has a song to sing and he would howl loudly throughout the day and night. It wasn’t long before the neighbors had enough and complained to Animal Control, who gave his owners two options: re-home him or he’ll be confiscated. Desperate to provide a good life for their beloved wolfdog, his owners reached out to various sanctuaries to see if anyone could help him.

Soon Draco’s story had made its way through the wolfdog rescue network and the team at W.O.L.F. Sanctuary thought of us. Their sanctuary was at capacity, but the rescue coordinator had been touched by Draco’s story and the unfairness of his situation and was determined to find him rescue. When W.O.L.F. reached out to the Wild Spirit Team, we had 3 single female wolfdogs who needed companions and hoped Draco could be the perfect match for one of our girls and have his life saved at the same time. Hoping for the best, Wild Spirit staff set out for Colorado to bring our newest rescue home to the sanctuary.

Once in Colorado, staff instantly saw how much Draco’s owners cared for him and wanted the best for their wolfdog. After a meet-and-greet, Draco was loaded into the rescue van without issue and our team prepared to make the trip home.

Draco left Colorado and his old life behind, and he also left his name there, too. Draco was previously known as “Koda”, but we already had animals named Kota, Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota, so we felt that a new name was necessary. Not only was Draco young enough to learn a new name, we felt that changing his moniker could give him an entirely fresh start for his new life! After much brainstorming, we settled on Draco.

Draco now lives with his long-time companion, female mid-content wolfdog Leia.

Draco - High-content wolfdog

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