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Male High-Content Wolfdog
Ashlar joined the Big Pack in the Sky in February of 2008.
He passed at 10 years old due unknown causes.

Ashlar was born in 1997, and arrived at Wild Spirit in 1998, along with his father, Grey Shadow, and his mother, Rhapsody. His family lived with their private owner in Reno, Nevada, complete with a yard to roam and explore. However, the yard apparently was not large enough for their taste, as they decided to escape one day and took to the streets.

Unfortunately, the family attacked a domestic dog during their daring escape, landing them in trouble with the law. The cause of the incident was never discovered, but they were quickly impounded and remained so for many months. Eventually, they were adopted out by a boys’ camp in the mountains, where they had plenty more space to enjoy. Even the camp was not destined to be their final home, due to an accident that occurred shortly after their arrival; Ashlar nipped one of the boys during feeding, and so the three were returned to the animal shelter.

Following their return to the shelter in Nevada, an animal control officer at the shelter fell in love with Ashlar and his parents. She wanted to find them a safe and reliable home, and with much effort, she was able to raise enough money to transport them to a refuge in California! Wild Spirit was to act as an intermediate for the process–volunteering to pick up and drop off the family at their new home. However, the placement fell through the day before Ashlar and the others were set to arrive, and so they became permanent residents of our sanctuary!

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Ashlar was always shy of people and preferred to keep his distance when there was no benefit to approach. Only a treat or the promise of food would bring him close, which he gratefully accepted. He did, however, sometimes play “chase” with some of the Caretakers, which showed him to be social on his terms.


Ashlar lived with his parents, Grey Shadow and Rhapsody. When the two passed away, he moved in with a mid-content wolfdog named Rain!

Likes & Dislikes

Ashlar liked anything food related, playing with Rain and the occasional Caretaker, as well as laying on top of his house.

Ashlar disliked being watched or extended eye contact, people approaching him and when Rain picked on him.

Fun Facts

Ashlar had a favorite stuffed animal . . . a bright red Elmo! He had to constantly protect it from Rain, who would hide it from him.

As a bonus fun fact, both Ashlar and Rain were missing part of their left ear!

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