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Female High-Content Wolfdog
She is 2 years old and her birthday is April 4th, 2022.

You can see her on the Tour Path!
In May of 2022, Wild Spirit was contacted by a sanctuary in Colorado with a question: Would we be interested in taking on a 4-week-old high-content wolfdog puppy located in Texas?

Despite our undeniable excitement, we needed to know more about the situation before making a decision, so we reached out to the puppy’s breeder for more information.

We soon learned that the breeder’s original plan had been to keep the pup as one of her own. Not only did she have decades of experience owning and breeding wolfdogs, she also had the time, space, and resources to provide the pup with a long, happy, and healthy life – alongside her mother, father, and several other wolfdogs, as well. On the other hand, she knew her sweet little girl could experience that same level of love and care with a qualified sanctuary, where she could also help thousands of people each year learn about the plight of wolves in the wild.

In the end, she wanted to give her pup the opportunity to act as an ambassador for her species, and believed Wild Spirit was the best place for her to do so. We were honored by the offer, and agreed to welcome a new life into our world. Even before we went to get her, she was named Artemis, after the goddess of wild animals and the hunt, and we quickly began planning for her future with us.

Because Artemis was in the critical “socialization period” of her development – a time when pups really begin to explore the world around them and develop curiosity, confidence, or even fear based on the people, places, and things they experience – we knew it was important for us to pick her up as soon as possible in order to properly acclimate her to life at the sanctuary. So on May 14th, we made the trip to Texas to pick up the newest member of our pack.

During the drive home, Artemis spent a portion of the trip in the lap of one of our staff members, where she fluctuated between napping and practicing her howling. And as the sun went down, she was placed into a crate where she slept for the remainder of the journey home.

While she was still a baby – especially during her socialization/bonding period – Artemis spent her days and nights with the human members of our pack, who provided her with a safe and secure foundation on which to experience her new world. Her time with us has included many hours of social interaction with humans, as well as companionship with older mid-content wolfdog Balto, all with the goal of helping her feel safe and confident in her forever home. Additionally, we have taken this time to familiarize her with various aspects of care that will become routine in her future with us. For example, she will learn to walk on a leash, have her nails trimmed, and even prepare for various aspects of vet care such as vaccinations and blood draws.

By conditioning Artemis to be comfortable with these things at a young age, we transform these otherwise “scary” events into much more neutral experiences. Not only does this decrease her stress, fear, and anxiety, it makes some of the most challenging aspects of lifelong care much safer and easier for us and our veterinary care team!

To stay updated on Artemis’s growth and development as the newest member of the Wild Spirit Family, check back in here on our website, or on any of our social media platforms for future updates. And be careful not to blink, because being a high-content wolfdog, she’ll be all grown up before we know it!


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