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Male Mid-Content Wolfdog
Argo joined the Big Pack in the Sky on November 3rd, 2020.
He passed at 14 years old due to lung cancer.

Argo was born in 2006, and arrived at Wild Spirit in October of 2010. He originally lived in Minnesota with his owner and four other canines. His owner wanted to downsize her “wolf” population, and since he was the least social of the group and had nipping tendencies, she asked if we could take him.

Lucky for Argo, we were looking for a male companion for one of our lone females, Cheyenne. We also worried about his future as a high-maintenance wolfdog with a “bite history”, so we agreed to accept Argo to ensure he could live out his days in peace. With funding secured, we hit the road to Minnesota to pick him up!

When we arrived, we assumed Argo would make for a difficult capture and came amply prepared. However, he made it easy on us, and was simply to contain in the owner’s barn and anesthetize him without too much stress for poor Argo.

He adjusted well to his life at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, but never lost his nipping tendencies. Needless to say, we kept alert in his presence to avoid any playful nibbles. He enjoyed every moment of his life with us, enjoying his time with his companion Cheyenne to the very end.



Our handsome Argo was a very vibrant boy with quite the naughty streak! He often made a game out of following his Caretakers around the enclosure, looking for that perfect moment to nibble on their behind! His Caretakers usually found this much less fun than he did!


Argo spent his entire life here at Wild Spirit with high-content wolfdog, Cheyenne. They often had a playful relationship that had them constantly testing one another’s boundaries. More often then not, Cheyenne would reign supreme.

Likes & Dislikes

Argo loved anything resembling food. He also loved chasing ravens, and fence fighting with his neighbors at the time, Cinder and Riot, as well as scent-rolling in the smelliest things he could find.

Argo hated supplements and medications of any kind.

Fun Facts

Argo had an incredible nose! He had a real knack for knowing when something was hidden inside any food and would eat everything except the part he needed. This made medications and supplements especially tricky to get into this clever boy.

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