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Angel Wolfdog
Female Mid-Content Wolfdog
Angel Wolfdog
Angel Wolfdog joined the Big Pack in the Sky on September 8th, 2019.
She was assisted at 15 years old due to cancer.

Angel was born in 2004 and arrived at Wild Spirit in March of 2016. She came to the sanctuary alongside her companion, Nazareth, who’s owner purchased him from a breeder in North Carolina. They were both eventually surrendered to Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue in Nevada.

Sadly, Lake Tahoe was not destined to be their permanent home, and in 2016 the Executive Director, Pamela Jo, was seeking placement for them both. Fortunately for Angel and Nazareth, Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation in California was able to foster them temporarily..

Though the urgency of the matter had improved, both wolfdogs were living in an otter rehabilitation habitat. On the brink of otter season, the sanctuary was eager to find a permanent home for Angel and Nazareth. Pamela got into contact with Wild Spirit, and after collecting funds and creating a temporary enclosure, we were able to set off to California to rescue them.

The rescue of these two seniors was a wonderful example of the power of networking in the wolfdog community. Without the help of so many others, this rescue would not have been possible! Our heartfelt howl out to all who donated to our Fundrazr, and to Pamela Jo and the fantastic staff & volunteers of Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue.

Angel Wolfdog


Angel was a very shy rescue, who never did become close to any Caretakers. She preferred to keep her distance, watch from afar, and relax in peace. We were happy to provide her with an environment where she could do just that, and she made the most of her days enjoying “retirement” at Wild Spirit.


Angel arrived with her life-long companion, Nazareth. They offered comfort to one another in even the most trying of times.

Likes & Dislikes

Angel liked Nazareth, and watermelon enrichments!

Angel disliked being in public view, or anyone staring too long.

Fun Facts

This Angel was the last in a long-standing tradition at the sanctuary . . . There must always be an Angel at Wild Spirit! As early as 2005, the sanctuary has had an Angel, from our former Assistant Director, Angel, to Angel the domestic dog, to Angel the coyote, and lastly, Angel the wolfdog!

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