Rescue Missions: Obi & Kenai

Kenai and Obi Are Home!

Kenai and Obi are both home, safe and sound, thanks to the generosity of nearly 100 howling supporters!

Obi is currently living with Kaya, and we’re still monitoring that relationship. We are hopeful that Kenai will be a good match for Savannah, who recently lost her longtime companion, Sioux.

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Thursday, June 25, 2020 — Leyton and Brian picked Kenai up this afternoon and are headed back to the sanctuary with our newest rescue!

Tuesday, June 23, 2020 — Leyton and Brian left the sanctuary this morning, headed to Ohio to get Kenai and bring him home!

UPDATE: Obi has been brought home to the sanctuary! We’re still short of our fundraising goal of $5,000 for the two rescue missions. The money will help offset the costs of travel and meals for the personnel going to rescue these beautiful animals, as well as vet bills, DNA testing, neutering for Kenai, and other costs related to bringing these guys home. Can you help?

The mission to go to Ohio to rescue Kenai begins next week, and we expect to arrive at his location on June 25th.

Dear Howling Friends,

The Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Team is preparing to rescue TWO young male wolf-dogs: 3-year-old Obi and 2-year-old Kenai.

Coming to the sanctuary first, from Washington, Obi has already lived in five different homes throughout his short lifespan, and moving from one home to another is taking its toll on the young wolf-dog. We’re going to bring Obi here so that he can finally have a forever home, and hopefully with our most-recent rescue, high-content wolf-dog Kaya.

Second to arrive, from Ohio, is Kenai. Due to the owner recently experiencing complicated health issues, Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary was contacted to see if sweet-boy Kenai could be welcomed into the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Family. As we have another single female, our lovely senior high-content wolf-dog Savannah, the team was happy to respond with a “Yes!”

Sending a team to Washington and then Ohio to rescue the two wolf-dogs takes significant resources, and we’re asking for your help to reduce the financial strain. Please keep an eye on this page, and on our social media accounts for regular updates as we prepare, rescue, and welcome home both Obi and Kenai!

Even if you are unable to donate, it would be incredibly helpful if you could share this page on your favorite social media platform.

Thank you so much for your support in helping Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary continue to pursue our mission of Rescue, Sanctuary, and Education as we welcome Obi and Kenai!