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Happy New Year!

January 1, 2021

From the Wild Spirit Family, Happy New Year to all of you amazing supporters and fellow admirers of our wild-spirited rescues! The team here is probably not alone in saying a hearty it’s-about-time good-bye to 2020 as we eagerly welcome 2021 with open-armed optimism. With the biggest well wishes mustered, everyone at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary howls our support right back at you for an amazing new year!

Speaking of an amazing new year… There are many exciting plans in development behind-the-scenes that the team cannot wait to share with you in 2021—new specialty tours, more ways to get involved, new events and contests! As always, we will share the newest opportunities and events here on our website as well as through our social media platforms and other publications. Be sure to stay tuned and Keep Up with the Pack to not miss out.

Currently being polished up for publication in February, Wild Spirit’s 2020 Annual Report will be available on our website soon. Until then, the team would like to share with our readers the new annual goals for 2021:


1. To work with individuals at local shelters, vet clinics, animal control agencies, and other animal facilities as well as private owners on the proper identification of suspected wolfdogs by means of phenotypic assessment and/or accurate DNA testing in order to prevent misrepresentation, the need for sanctuary placement, or the unnecessary euthanasia of misidentified canines.


2. To develop a standardized operant conditioning program for use by the Animal Care Department to allow for primarily voluntary and fear-free veterinary practices as well as routine mental stimulation and safer daily husbandry.


3. To develop and provide up-to-date data-based resources to other animal facilities and organizations, including but not limited to shelters, humane societies, sanctuaries, and animal control agencies, in order to promote proper care of wolfdogs and other canid species in a variety of settings with information regarding diet and nutrition, enrichment, operant conditioning and positive reinforcement training, proper habitat requirements and considerations, medical and health information, and behavioral characteristics.


4. To construct new and renovate old administrative buildings as well as team accommodations for both staff and interns to promote a healthier and more productive work environment.

While we cannot predict the state of affairs for 2021, especially in regards to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Wild Spirit Team is nevertheless delighted to share a few items to look forward to in the new year:

The Howling Reporter, Wild Spirit’s newsmagazine, will be publishing quarterly instead of bi-annually moving into 2021. Our Howling Supporters can eagerly anticipate more engaging content, beautiful photographs of the animals, new detailed exposés, and the beloved features spotlighting our rescues. Don’t currently receive The Howling Reporter? To qualify to have this 16-page, full color newsmagazine mailed to your door consider sponsoring a rescue, becoming a member, or donating $50.00 or more! You can do so by clicking here.

Until Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary can reopen its doors to the visiting public, more options to participate and follow virtual tours can be expected in 2021. The team also intends to bring our pawesome Howling Supporters along with more live stream events as offered through Facebook and Instagram. Be sure to Keep Up with the Pack by following and liking our social media platforms and visiting our website frequently for updates!

Finally, for our followers and supporters who currently sponsor an animal or for folks who choose to do so in 2021, you can expect new treats, surprises, and opportunities as Wild Spirit’s Sponsorship Program continues to undergo revamping for an improved and fang-tastic experience. We adore and appreciate all of our Howling Supporters, and we cannot wait to show our thanks!

Once more, from the Wild Spirit Family to yours, Happy New Year!

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  1. Doc V. Wilde

    I am an advocate of the Wolf! ( Jane Lindskold ) who lives in New Mexico and is a Science Fiction writer is a friend of mine and Introduced me to the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary! I think that it’s awesome what you do to help and protect the Wolves!


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