BIO ~ Kaya is a spayed, female, high-content wolf-dog. We rescued her in late September of 2019 when she was around 3 years old.

PERSONALITY ~ The Wild Spirit Team was told that Kaya was very shy and anxious, and she was often seen pacing in her enclosure prior to arriving at the Sanctuary. To our surprise, Kaya proved to be very curious about the Wild Spirit residents, including the Human Pack, and it took no time at all before she was requesting pets and attention from caretakers. Kaya especially loves belly rubs!

RELATIONSHIP ~ Kaya currently lives alone after she and one of our senior rescues, Teton, decided they were not a good match.

LIKES ~ Kaya is obsessed with food and prized treats, such as bones. She loves attention, including when a camera points her way. She is quite the model!

DISLIKES ~ Kaya absolutely hates being ignored by caretakers and other Human Pack members when they walk by despite her whining for attention. Kaya also dislikes not also receiving a medball, ground beef encasing supplements and medications that staff hand out to rescues, as clearly the treat is desirable!

FUN FACTS ~ Kaya is incredibly socialable and quite likes people. However, she is a total flirt when it comes to men. Interestingly, most of our rescues are actually more comfortable with women as their caretakers.

WISH LIST ~ Kaya would love to find more sponsors to call her extended family. We think our sponsorship package makes a thoughtful gift. It comes with a photo magnet of Kaya, a photo certificate, and the special offer of our membership t-shirt (or substitute, if sold-out) for only $10.


Kaya Would Love To Find More Sponsors!

KAYA’S HISTORY ~ Unfortunately, Kaya’s history is a mystery.  In August of 2019, the Wildlife Waystation Board of Directors notified California Department of Fish and Wildlife of their vote to shut down the facility. In recent years, the Waystation’s aging facility had struggled with upkeep after extensive damage from the Creek Fire in 2017 and then flooding in 2019. The Waystation also recently had a change in leadership when founder, Martine Colette, left her position as the organization’s president.  Suddenly, Kaya as well as chimps, over 400 tigers, and other wildlife needed to find new homes.

Kaya lived briefly at the Wildlife Waystation before coming to spend the rest of her life at Wild Spirit.  Her caretakers at Wildlife Waystation reported that Kaya was extremely timid.  We are thrilled to report that Kaya has blossomed, and within just a few months.  She is comfortable, very social, and unafraid of meeting even new people.  We look forward to pampering this deserving girl for the rest of her life!

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