Obi - Low-Content Wolf-Dog
Obi is a low-content wolfdog. He is roughly 4 years old and his birthday is around February, 2017.
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Obi - Low-Content Wolf-Dog

Quick Bio

Obi was rescued in June of 2020 when he was three years old from his 5th home in Washington state. He was an owner-surrender. Obi is a neutered black-phase male.

Obi - Low-Content Wolf-Dog


The biggest sweetheart, Obi is gentle, affectionate, and he absolutely adores the first two female caregivers he became friends with: Kendra and Megan. While he can be shy with new people, it does not take him long to warm up. With primary caregiver, Kendra, Obi is learning to share the attention with his companion, Kaya, and he is greatly rewarded for his patience with many kisses to his face after Kaya walks away.


Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary is Obi’s 6th, but final, home. Prior to coming to the sanctuary, he lived with several domestic dogs, preferring female canine companionship. Now Obi lives exclusively with high-content wolf-dog, Kaya, and the two are certainly hitting it off!

*All of our paired rescues are spayed and/or and neutered, but life is better with a friend.*

Fun Facts

As a low-content wolf-dog, Obi exhibits more domestic dog traits than wolf, especially when it comes to his desire to be around human caregivers. However, to this day, no one has heard Obi bark. He exclusively howls, which is a wolf trait. Wolves, after all, do not bark.

Sponsorship Details

Obi has only 5 sponsors!

Likes & Dislikes

Obi is a huge fan of Sundays when he gets to eat bone-in chicken! While he generally has a great appetite, he has a soft spot for raw drumsticks. Upon coming to the sanctuary, he has also realized his enjoyment for enrichment leg bones, which are often elk, deer, or bison. It will be interesting to see how he responds to game meat later in the year!

While Obi enjoys going for walks, he has made it abundantly clear that his special paw pads will not touch the cement. He prefers to walk on grass, which, being that the sanctuary is located in a high-desert climate, is lacking as a viable option. Luckily, Obi is reasonable enough to compromise by walking over the shrubbery that does grow around here.

Obi - Low-Content Wolf-Dog

Obi‘s History

Obi traveled to Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in June of 2020 from Washington state where he finally found his forever home. An owner-surrender, Obi left his 5th home in Washington to find stability and comfort. Being bounced around from home-to-home within the first three years of his life was taxing for Obi. When he first arrived to the sanctuary, he was certainly confused with an expression of, “What did I do wrong?”

Despite not fitting in with his previous homes, Obi was warmly welcomed by the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary Team, and it did not take long for him to be introduced to his now female companion, Kaya. Still a new couple, Obi and Kaya have been spotted playing, and Obi has taken to sleeping in some of the dirt beds Kaya has made in the habitat.

A DNA sample was sent to U.C. Davis for genetic testing to reveal Obi’s content-level as a wolf-dog. As of July 10th, we have yet to receive the results, but we will be sharing the data on this page in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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  1. Amanda Leger

    I’d love to help sponsor so I and meet him if that’s possible! Please email me with any further info I might need. Thank you!!?


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